pros and cons of the new streaming platform

On November 17, the Disney Plus streaming platform arrives in Mexico. With an aggressive pricing strategy, Disney is betting to snatch a piece of the market from King Netflix. For now, we present here the pros and cons of hiring Disney Plus.

PRO: Your Library of Exclusive Content
If you are a fan of Disney, Pixar, Marvel or Star Wars movies, then you must have Disney Plus. Why? Because Disney decided that from now on the only way that these content can be viewed legally is on its platform and nowhere else. Even the films that are released in theaters, can only be seen later on Disney Plus.

CON: The Disney Plus “originals”
Disney has an impressive library of its own content, but all of it was created for film or television. There are few series created exclusively for Disney Plus, of which the only really remarkable one is The Mandalorian, which, although it is worth it by itself, is a fact that in Disney Plus what matters is the library of old content, not its new content. .

PRO: The price
The introductory Disney Plus offer is aggressive: there is no trial period, but if you buy a year in advance (until before November 17) the price is $ 1,359. Although it may seem expensive, it is the same cost of the most basic Netflix subscription (with a single user and in low resolution). If compared to the most popular platforms in Mexico, Disney Plus is cheaper than Netflix, but more expensive than Apple TV + and Amazon Prime.

PRO: Simultaneous displays and video quality
For 1,359 pesos per year, Disney Plus offers four independent simultaneous screens and 4K video quality for new content. This means that with the same account, up to four people can be watching different content on different devices. As a comparison, only the most expensive Netflix account (the one with approximately three thousand pesos a year) allows this.

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CON: Not all the Simpsons come
One of the reasons why many were convinced to buy Disney Plus was the possibility of seeing all the episodes of The Simpsons. This will not happen with Disney Plus in Mexico, only some episodes grouped thematically will be available.

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