GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – District Kent Prosecutor says he will probably no longer pursue marijuana cases after Proposal 1 is approved.

The proposal, which was approved in the elections on Tuesday with 56 percent of the vote, legalizes the use of marijuana in their free time. Wednesday in court a judge in Kent County sent back three pending cases to prosecutor Chris Becker for consideration.

Becker confirmed on Thursday that he may drop all outstanding pot-use and ownership cases that his office handles. He said his team would look into all the cases to make sure that there are no specific reasons any of them should do.

There will still be some types of marijuana cases that are likely to be prosecuted by Becker, as they are not covered by proposal 1:

  • People between 17 and 20 years.
  • Those who have property with the intention to distribute.
  • Those in which driving is under the influence.

After the legalization comes into effect, which will come into effect in December, people over the age of 21 will be working is allowed to use, use and grow marijuana, You can carry up to 2.5 ounces, keep up to 10 ounces at home, and grow up to 12 plants in your home. Its use in public is still illegal.

It can take two years for retail sales to build up.



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