The general consensus is that the PS5 and the next Xbox will have more refinement cases than revolutions, much like the leap from last generation to current generation. However, a developer does not see it that way.

Speaking to GamingBolt, Headup Games boss Mark Aldrup said the next generation of consoles could bring "some of the most important changes in console history."

"The next generation could include some of the key changes in console history," said Aldrup. "Because streaming games, game subscriptions, disc-free systems, etc. are viable for the next generation of consoles, we're excited to see what Sony and Microsoft (and Nintendo at a later date) have in their sleeves From a development perspective, we just hope there will be a statically defined technical system that will last for several years, and this has always been one of the biggest advantages of the consoles: developers can concentrate on optimizing the game for a single piece of hardware to ensure that it runs on a variety of different specifications (such as on a PC or mobile). "

Ever since consoles jumped to 3D, we've really seen no big jump in the console game scene behind Xbox 360 (and then PS3) when Xbox Live (PSN) was introduced. Most innovations of this generation did not come from Sony or Microsoft, which had changed something on the hardware side. Streaming, subscription services, games-as-a-service, all the big changes in the industry of this generation had nothing to do with the hardware of the PS4 and the Xbox One. But as Aldrup alludes, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft and Sony are developing the next Xbox and PS5 with these things.

Fortunately, it does not seem like we have to wait too long to find out what Next-Gen has in store. Most reports and rumors agree that the new systems will appear in 2020, alias next year. Well, we should know more about the PS5 and the next Xbox soon, maybe later this year.

Anyway, feel free to leave a comment so you know what you think. What do you want to see from the PS5 and the next Xbox?