It was a two-year roller coaster ride for Neymar.

On the one hand, he was as good as advertised when he was fit. He has scored 45 goals between Ligue 1 and the Champions League, with incredible skills.

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But he also had many gaffes and badly timed injuries. He suffered two ankle injuries in February to miss the crucial part of the Champions League, causing Paris Saint-Germain to rebound prematurely. And in a media event, when mentioning a softball question about his favorite reminiscence in football, he mentioned La Remontada or the comeback in French, in which Barcelona made an incredible comeback and defeated PSG 6-1 to rise to prominence in the Champions League. It was an answer that angered and angered many PSG fans.

"Neymar made mistakes," said PSG sports director Leonardo in an interview with RMC. "You know, I did not know him before. Over the days I get to know him. And I honestly think he is a good boy with a very good foundation. And on the court he is a great player. "

In the background of these quotes is still the drama about what happens to Neymar. Just two years ago, PSG paid a massive sum, more than $ 200 million, to sign Neymar. With Barcelona's financial fair play restrictions, Barcelona or even Real Madrid's offerings have not yet reached the level that PSG is satisfied with.

At the same time, PSG continues to say that the reason why Neymar is not currently playing in the first team is that he is still recovering from another ankle injury he suffered at home to Brazil overseas last summer.

At the moment, it looks as if the Neymar saga could come to fruition in early September.

"There are discussions about his future, as you know today, but nothing has progressed," Leonardo said about a possible transfer for Neymar.