PSN Sale Black Friday Sale started with lots of discounts

In the coming days, all PlayStation owners can check out the Black Friday offers in PS Store looking forward. Discounts of up to 70 percent are available. In addition to numerous games for PS5 and PS4, there are again discounts for services such as PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now.

The price for the annual PS Plus subscription has been reduced to 44.99 euros. This saves players 25% compared to the normal price. And PS Now’s annual subscription is also available for EUR 44.99. The smaller membership for three months is available for 19.99 euros. As part of the promotion, players can look forward to offers for titles that include a free PS5 upgrade and can therefore be played with several improvements on the new console. The PS5 was released in Germany last Thursday.

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PSN Sale: New offer of the week now online & amp;  Halloween deals expanded


PSN Sale: New offer of the week now online & Halloween deals expanded

Sony is expanding the current PSN sale with the offer of the week. Also this week a special deal is waiting for you.

The highlights here include Watch Dogs Legion for 45.49 euros, No Man’s Sky for 24.99 euros or the FIFA 21 Champions Edition for 39.59 euros instead of 89.99 euros. The PS5 upgrade for the football simulation will be released on December 4th, 2020. But numerous PS4 blockbusters have also been reduced. Including The Last of Us Part 2 for 39.89 euros, Ghost of Tsushima for 49.69 euros and Star Wars: Squadrons for 24.79 euros. In addition, the price for Final Fantasy 7 Remake (46.19 euros), Resident Evil 3 (19.79 euros), Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (45.49 euros) or Marvel’s Avengers (34.99 euros) has been reduced . A Overview can be found in the PS Store. All offers are available until November 30th. Hardware discounts are planned for November 27th.

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