Puebla National Guard falls with an “arsenal” of marijuana and glass in Yucatán

A poblano, in addition to captain of the National Guard, was arrested in the Yucatan state, in the possession of 450 kilos of marijuana and 15 kilos of glass, which they came hidden in a van with furniture, which was destined for the city of Quintana Roo.

Didier “N”, is the name of the detained federal, along with another 38-year-old subject, who aboard a van with plates of the State of MexicoThey moved the drug, which was wrapped in plastic and inside furniture, like a closet.

Sunday morning, February 21, at a checkpoint installed on the Campeche-Mérida federal highway the truck was stopped so that it was a binomial who would alert about the presence of drugs.

This it came hidden in two closets that were perfectly closed, however, this was not enough for the canine will find them, because the captain of the National Guard and his companion, a native of Tabasco, were detained.

It was about 450 kilos of marijuana and another 15 of glass, which were insured, along with the two drivers, to be presented to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).


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