Puerto Cartagena News | A ship with 900 cows returns to Cartagena after being rejected in Turkey

The cattle ship ‘Kharim Allah’, with the Lebanese flag, which left Cartagena on December 18, returned to the port this Monday, after being rejected by Turkey and Lebanon, at not having complete documentation, according to the movements that appear in the Maritime Captaincy. It was anchored and is scheduled to dock this Tuesday. The freighter left the Santa Lucia dock loaded with 895 calves “Complying”, according to sources from the Port Authority, all the inspections required by the inspection of the Animal Health Service, dependent on the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

The technicians of this department were the ones who determined the good health of the cattle, following the regulations of the European Community in this regard. After spending two months sailing and requesting unloading in other European ports, Cartagena will take over from now on the ship, as it is the ship of origin and after all the necessary procedures and procedures have been carried out.

According to authorized sources from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the animals arrive provided with the corresponding health certificates and come from areas free of bluetongue. And they added that it is in permanent contact with the International Organization of Epizootics (OIE), as well as with the European Commission (EC), “to find a solution to the situation of this ship” which, when it docks, will be inspected. by technicians from the Animal Health Service, who will be the ones to carry out new controls.

Regulatory measures

The animals arrive in trucks coming mainly from the Region of Murcia, but also from other communities such as Andalusia, Catalonia, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla-León. In the transport of origin to the shipment, the regulations regarding animal welfare are always complied with, according to sources from the Port. On the other hand, Animal Welfare Foundation and Animal Equality denounced yesterday in a statement that animals have bluetongue disease and that some have already died.


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