Puma announces new collection inspired by Mario Bros (+ photos)

Mario Bros It has been the favorite video game for children and adults and it will always have a place in the hearts of retro-loving gamer.

Precisely this 2020, the iconic Super Mario Bros, meet 35 years since its launch on the market, placing Nintendo at the top in 1985.

It is because of that Puma will join the celebrations of the company, as the brand launched a special edition, which consists of four different models that commemorate the main characters and even the console with which the first video game of Super Mario Bros, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) .

This model is inspired by Super Mario 64 and the design contains colors of the character, in addition to including the famous bricks on the side of the tennis shoe.

Clyde y los RS-Dreamer

This design is inspired by Super Mario Sunshine that was released in 2002 for the Nintendo GameCube system.


This was thought to be the much sportier and less casual model.


Finally there is the silhouette dedicated to the classic Nintendo console with its characteristic gray, red and black colors. In addition, it has a mini control, which hangs from the shoelaces.

The long-awaited Puma collection dedicated to the 35th anniversary of Marios Bros will be available from November 27 at Mexico.

At the moment the prices of the models have not been announced; However, the models can already be seen through the brand’s social networks as well as on its official website.

At other times, Puma has launched collections related to pop culture, just as they have done Adidas with the edition of Star Wars O Reebok with Ghostbusters.


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