PUMP! From these three forwards the number ‘9’ of Barcelona SC will come out

Barcelona is working hard on hiring a striker for 2021, after the departure of Jonatan Álvez, and the doubt whether or not Cristian Colmán continues in Barcelona SC.

Here are the 3 forwards that are being analyzed in Barcelona and one will be chosen for 2021:

Francisco Fydriszewski, a Liga player from Portoviejo, where he scored 11 goals in 23 games in the 2020 season, is in talks with Barcelona SC.

Gonzalo Mastriani, Player of Guayaquil City, where he scored 11 goals with the citizen team in the 2020 season, is also in negotiations with the idol.

And finally Cristian Colmán that despite not making the player’s purchase option yet, it is not totally ruled out for the 2021 season, the club takes the steps to keep the player.

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