Puppy and Wave: The New Novel by Nick Hornby

3. Sentences-Nirvana!

You don’t have to search too long in “Just Like You” to stumble upon nonsense sentences for the ages. For example, the phenomenon of party conversation according to Nick Hornby: “It was more like a sofa that felt the shape of the bum and adapted to it.” Know yourself and the others – made easy: “She looked at the faces, tried to guessed if any of them had voted for Brexit and came to the conclusion that that was difficult to say. ” Later Hornby once again broached the issue of the age difference between Joseph and Lucy, this time in furry packaging: “He would drag things around for a long time like a puppy, and all she could do was scratch his stomach and tell him to be good until he was an old dog was that you couldn’t teach anything. ” Higher math is also practiced in “Just Like You”: “If you multiply a young black man by a white woman, the result, if it were up to the police, was always a young black man.” Finally messages from the Stone Age: “She was pretty, calm, smart, and her cleverness didn’t come from the glasses she wore either. Or rather, he didn’t think she was just smart because she wore glasses.”

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