Queen Elizabeth and her husband Felipe celebrate their 73rd wedding anniversary

The Queen Isabel and the prince philip of the United Kingdom celebrated on Friday, November 21, 2020, their 73 anniversary of wedding, a chance that they couldn’t share with their family because England is currently under restrictions by coronavirus.

Isabel, 94, and Felipe, of 99, they were married on November 20, 1947 in the Abbey from Westminster, just two years after the end of the WWII.

“Thank you all for your kind wishes on the 73rd Wedding Anniversary of the Queen and the Duke from Edinburgh”, Buckingham Palace said on Twitter.

To commemorate the occasion, the Buckingham Palace posted a Photography of a smiling monarch and her husband looking at a card made by their great-grandchildren, the princes Jorge and Luis the princess Carlota, along with other cards and letters of congratulations.

The photo was taken in the Castillo de Windsor, the home from reina in the west of London, where the couple is spending the quarantine.

In a nod to their first days of marriage, Isabel wore a crystal brooch, made of sapphires Y diamonds, which he used for photos taken in Broadlands, in the south of England, during the first part of their honeymoon.

The couple met when they both attended the wedding from before of Felipe, the Princess Marina of Greece, with Isabel’s uncle, the duke from Kent, in 1934.

Felipe caught the attention of his future wife when the then 13-year-old princess paid a visit to her parents in the Royal Naval College from Britain in Dartmouth, in the southwest of England, where he was a cadet.

While the analysts from royalty they say that Isabel Y Felipe have had their ups and downs like any married couple, have not had the tribulations of three of her four children, whose marriages ended in divorce, the most renowned being the Prince carlos with his late first wife, the princess Diana.

“The main lesson what we have learned is that tolerance is the essential ingredient of any happy marriage“, said Felipe in a speech at the 50th anniversary from wedding in 1997.

“It may not be that important when things are going well, but it is absolutely vital When the going gets tough You can see it in me. The reina possesses the quality of tolerance in abundance”added.


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