Queen Elizabeth shares an endearing photo of when Prince Charles was still a months old

The Prince carlos He turns 72 this November 14 and his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, has celebrated it on social networks by sharing an endearing photo of both. The image is taken in one of the private rooms of Buckingham Palace in 1949 when the prince was only a few months old and his mother 22 years. In it, the queen poses sitting in an armchair with her son on her lap, she dressed in a set of skirt and blouse adorned with a Pearl Necklace of two rounds and a brooch to match the earrings, and the boy, without shoes, in a little white lace dress, a child dress that at the time babies were carried regardless of whether they were boys or girls. In reality she was not yet queen but Princess and second in the line of succession to the throne, something that would happen after the death of the King George VI at 56, which caused the princess to become queen only 25 years.

The photograph that the queen has chosen is part of a session in which there are other images as endearing as this one or more if possible: such as the one in which the child takes her by the necklace or in which she poses standing and smiling next to the prince of edinburgh holding the child between the two. Prince Charles was the first child of this couple of almost just Married. Just a year earlier, on November 20, 1947, they had married at Westminster Abbey.

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