Queen Letizia reappears, with a premiere look, after the announcement of the departure of Princess Leonor

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One day after the Royal House announced that Princess Eleanor will study Baccalaureate at a prestigious educational center in the United Kingdom, the Kings have resumed their professional agenda. Letizia, as always, surprises with her look.

They have taken up the royal agenda separately, and while Don Felipe has received the credentials of the different ambassadors assigned to Spain at the Royal Palace, Doña Letizia has presided over two hearings at the Palacio de la Zarzuela.

Her Majesty the Queen has received in audience at the Palacio de la Zarzuela a representation of the Spanish Mental Health Confederation, which has informed Doña Letizia about how the pandemic is affecting the mental health of the population.

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Subsequently, the monarch has met with a representation of the European Association against Leukodystrophies ELA Spain, an entity that is now 20 years old since its creation at the initiative of a group of parents of children affected by different types of leukodystrophy. A meeting in which we have seen Doña Letizia talk animatedly with the attendees, also demonstrating her complicity with a girl affected by this disease.

Regarding her look, the Queen has once opted for sobriety, wearing a discreet style in which comfort has prevailed. And it is that, further than ever from the high-heeled salons to which we were accustomed, Doña Letizia is increasingly committed to flat shoes, and today she has opted for elegant black loafers with golden buckles that we have seen her repeatedly.

In addition, breaking for the first time in recent months her maxim of savings and austerity, the monarch has released a flattering gray jacket from CH Carolina Herrera. A most versatile garment with a Prince of Wales check print that we will surely see on more occasions and that is currently on sale (it has gone from 690 to 345 euros and is available on the firm’s website).

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Leaving all the prominence to this new garment, Doña Letizia has worn key basic pieces in her dressing room, such as her black Hugo Boss fine-knit sweater, and tailored trousers in the same color, which we have seen on countless occasions.


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