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What happened?

Federal government warns of “the beginning of a really big second wave”: The number of new infections continues to rise rapidly, the warnings from politicians are becoming more drastic. Why the positive rate of the tests is becoming more and more important.

Court overturns Berlin curfew: The corona curfew is not proportionate, says the administrative court. Bars and restaurants did not play a significant role in the infection process. Absurd consequence of the verdict: the court only ruled on the eleven bars that had sued the curfew. Only they are now allowed to open after 11 p.m. All others must remain closed.

Johnson prepares Britain for hard Brexit: Chancellor Merkel is ready to compromise in the Brexit dispute. Prime Minister Johnson, on the other hand, still believes an agreement with the EU is unlikely.

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Simultaneous “townhalls” by Trump and Biden: After the screaming competition in the first TV duel, Trump and Biden now appeared separately. The president indirectly confirmed reports of his mountain of debt.

Japan wants to discharge radioactive water from Fukushima into the sea: The contaminated water is filtered elaborately. The International Atomic Energy Agency has no concernsbut fishermen and farmers protest.

Staying up late and going to restaurants? Alright for the Berlin administrative court.Photo: imago images / Gerhard Leber

What was discussed?

The Brexit Poker: According to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a no-deal Brexit is approaching. But only the coming weeks will bring the decision analyzes my colleague Albrecht Meier.

Courts overturn corona rules: First the ban on accommodation, now the curfew – it is reassuring that the courts are paying attention to compliance with fundamental rights in the pandemic, writes Fatina Keilani. However, the citizen hardly gets through when it comes to the rules. Their conclusion: the rule of law works – and that makes it complicated.

The Gockelspiele in the corona round: The Chancellor tried to be matter-of-fact, but the country chiefs spread and deliberated. Our columnist Hatice Akyün would love to shoot the federal system on the moon. One column.

How Trump changed the media: Balance only benefits the crude ideas of the president. He sees the media as an opposition. Only transparent partisanship helps, writes the political scientist Jan-Werner Müller in his guest post.

Chancellor Angela Merkel tries, but fails because of the federal system.Photo: dpa

What can subscribers read?

No entry with a headscarf: Women with headscarves are repeatedly rejected even in fitness studios. There are now sports hijabs specially developed for the leisure sector. What those affected report.

Stereotypes in everyday children’s life: Of the Psychologist and educator Red Haircrow explainshow to talk to kids about clichés and what feathers, arrows and prairie have to do with racism.

Praise for the compromise: Making concessions has a bad reputation today. A compromise does not mean that one side grudgingly accepts a bad solution. Seven Suggestions for Modern Dilemmas.

Invest sustainably: Many shareholders want to determine the purposes for which their money is used. A new portal offers answers.

What can we do?

Listen to music: Every Friday, starting at 9 p.m., four pop critics present the week’s albums on Radio Eins. This time with Marry Lattimore, Matt Berninger, The Screenshots.

Read a book: A life between Holland and Paris: Josepha Mendels’ extraordinary emancipation novel “Rolien und Ralien”.

[Behalten Sie den Überblick über die Corona-Entwicklung in Ihrem Berliner Kiez. In unseren Tagesspiegel-Bezirksnewslettern berichten wir über die Krise und die Auswirkungen auf Ihre Nachbarschaft. Kostenlos und kompakt:]

Visit an exhibition: Tender cowboys and cuddly soldiers: the “Masculinities” exhibition in the Gropius Bau examines the many facets of masculinity.

Watch TV on Saturday: Not just for football fans! “Munich Murder” describes the bizarre football milieu of the “sixties” and the competition between reds and blues. Runs at 8:15 p.m. on ZDF.

Watch TV on Sunday: Arte commemorates the actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr with “Ingenious Goddess”. Howard Hughes even set up a laboratory for her on set. Runs at 10:15 p.m. on Arte.

“Munich Murder”: Harald Neuhauser (Marcus Mittermeier, left), Ludwig Schaller (Alexander Held) and Angelika Flierl (Bernadette …Photo: ZDF / Jürgen Olczyk

What should I know for the weekend?

The Junge Union invites you CDU Candidates on Saturday at 6 p.m. Audition. The JU members should vote on Armin Laschet, Friedrich Merz and Norbert Röttgen. We will show the conversation live on

On Monday the EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier travel to london. It is arguably the last chance for Great Britain to exit the EU in an orderly manner.

In London Stricter corona rules apply from Saturday. In view of the rapidly increasing number of infections, members of different households are no longer allowed to meet indoors. Meetings in pubs or restaurants are also no longer allowed.

In France The health emergency applies from Saturday. In several French cities, including Paris, curfews will also apply from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. on Saturday. In addition, private celebrations such as weddings in ballrooms or other public places are no longer permitted nationwide.

Number of the day

3 It was celebrations that, according to local politician Michael Billen from the Bitburg-Prüm district, turned the Eifel into a Corona hotspot. In his words: “At the beginning of October there was a private party here, two people came with Corona. They just didn’t know that they were infected. The next evening they went to another party and infected people again. And a few of them Those who were infected went to another party on the third evening. ”

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