Questions of the day: Merkel for lockdown and the Greens want to announce their candidacy for chancellor soon – that was important – politics

What happened?

EMA sees a possible connection between the Astrazeneca vaccine and thrombosis – but considers the risk to be so small that it recommends the vaccine to others. The European Medicines Agency remains behind Astrazeneca’s vaccine in the fight against the corona pandemic. A possible connection between the active ingredient and very rare cases of thrombosis has been established, but overall the benefit outweighs the risk when using the agent.

Intervals between first and second vaccination – Saxony disregards Stiko and Spahn. The Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) does not want to extend the interval between vaccinations any further. A country survey by the Tagesspiegel shows: Saxony has long since stopped paying attention to the recommendations – and also explains why. From Christopher Stolz.

Backing for Laschet – Merkel and Söder for a “short, uniform lockdown”. The federal and state governments will probably not discuss the corona crisis until next week. However, the Chancellor has already given a route.

Baerbock or Habeck? Greens want to propose a candidate for chancellor on April 19. The federal board of the Greens wants to propose on April 19 who should be candidate for chancellor. The final decision should be made at the party congress in June.

Stars are fleeing to Australia because of Corona – from Hollywood to Aussiewood. Many film productions and stars have moved to Australia because the virus has been banned there. Not all locals like that, writes correspondent Barbara Barkhausen.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu met with the …Photo: dpa / Dario Pignatelli

What was discussed?

What happened to Merkel’s announcements? The Chancellor continues to watch. You lack political will or power: There will be no quick and uniform lockdown strategy. A comment from editor-in-chief Christian Tretbar.

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Envy debate about “privlegia” – Freedoms for vaccinated people pave the way for those waiting. The return of rights for vaccinated people is the only real opening perspective. A new solidarity pact is needed for this. A comment from Sidney Gennies.

Erdogan’s Turkey remains a macho world. Scandal at the visit of the two highest EU representatives in Ankara: Von der Leyen is only allowed to sit on the edge. Intention or protocol glitch? A comment by Christoph von Marschall.

The proposal for the German-Israeli Olympic Games is half-baked. The scent of sports marketing wafts around the idea of ​​joint Olympic Games. Even if the motif of peace and reconciliation sounds noble 100 years after the Nazi games in Berlin, thinks my colleague Martin Einsiedler.

India is getting through the Corona crisis much better than many other countries.Foto: dpa / Ashish Vaishnav

What can subscribers read inside?

Are Western Countries Too Clean? Why fewer people die of Covid-19 in India than in Germany. Lots of people, poor hygiene: Experts in India feared the devastating consequences of the pandemic. But it turned out differently.A search for the causes of Dennis Pohl.

“Something drastic happened” – this is how Brexit hits the British economy. Goods sometimes need weeks to reach the customer in the EU. The problem: Many Brexit consequences are overshadowed by those of the pandemic, writes our correspondent Sebastian Borger.

America in the grip of a corporation – Amazon is so ruthlessly dividing society. Alec MacGillis describes in “Delivered” how dramatically the triumphant advance of the tech company is widening the social divide in the USA. It’s a warning to Europe writes Andreas Busche.

Berlin gambled away with building a school. Expenditure three times as high as planned: Red-Red-Green wanted to build and renovate schools for 5.5 billion euros, now it’s 14 billion. The Court of Auditors is concerned. What’s going wrong?, asks her colleague Susanne Vieth-Entus.

Will schools be closing again anytime soon? Much is still unclear at the moment.Photo: dpa / Patrick Pleul

What can we do?

Look: Idris Elba on Netflix. Elba is firmly in the saddle in the metropolitan west of “Concrete Cowboys”. The next chapter in the renaissance of the black western hero.

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In the museum: Isn’t it possible? Yes – some state museums are open. You plan from day to day. In Leipzig it will reopen this week, in Berlin it will initially remain with five open state museums.

Read: Dandies, big backdrops, past scandals. Rüdiger Schaper fled temporarily into the 19th century and brought a few recommendations with him: Julian Barnes’ bestseller “The Man in the Red Skirt” leads back to the Belle Epoque. And to realize: Flaubert and Co. were something like the forefathers of our series culture.

What should I know for tomorrow?

The third corona wave is rolling over Germany. The country is discussing tightened lockdown regulations – also with a view to Daycare centers and schools. The Easter holidays in many federal states end on Friday. And then? Schools open or closed? The culture ministers of the federal states also want to discuss the topic on Thursday.

According to the alleged Appearance of the missing Isabella The father and police representative traveled to France from Celle. There was a girl in custody who was very likely to be 16, it said. The police recently feared a violent crime against the high school student. Furthermore, it cannot be ruled out that her disappearance on March 22nd could be a criminal offense. The authorities wanted to finally report on the case on Thursday or Friday.

The alleged mastermind of the Ibiza video is said to be a witness before the Ibiza Committee of Inquiry statements The private detective was recently extradited from Germany to Austria. The Austrian judiciary is investigating him for drug trafficking and extortion. The video, on which the then Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache appeared vulnerable to corruption, had led to the overthrow of the ÖVP-FPÖ government in 2019.

Number of the day!

8 Grad is the maximum that can be expected in Berlin and Brandenburg over the next few days: It stays cold and uncomfortable. Arctic polar air brings snow showers and slippery roads. Only from Friday will the sun slowly come out again.

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