Racing scores against Arsenal

We leave you Trademarks What was the car loss to Arsenal on the third day of the local tournament? Here, Racing 0 – Uno X Uno del Arsenal 2 Do you agree with Alma’s racing scores?

1-Gabriel Arias (4,5): Both goals did nothing, but they came twice and scored.

4-Iván Piloto (2.5): An ugly afternoon. He gave a bad pass on the play that ended 0-2. Bad on the ball, unprotected on the mark, he did not participate in the attack. It lasted 45 minutes.

30-Leonardo Cicali (4): He returned to play as the first central poster, but not his best afternoon. He suffered when he left. He won from above.

6-Lucas Urbano (5.5): In the best races. The brand is solid and elegant, with two good crosses to the ground, and two headshots in the pair of matches. Good fit.

5-Eugenio Mena (4): He made a serious mistake that almost ended up in Arsenal’s goal. His contribution to the attack was consistent. He overflowed twice and took a shot from the crossbar.

22-Walter Montoya (3): Between his confusion and the one the PKCC puts into his head, he found it difficult to feel comfortable. He started out as a coach and immediately graduated as a winger. Two good centers, but only that. He lost a lot of brand.

27-Diego Panega (3): It started at five, but it didn’t last long. The PKCC immediately sent him as coach. Bad in branding and distribution. He got a bad pass from the billboard, not controlling properly. That’s where the 0-2 came from.

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19-Lionel Miranda (3): It is unknown. It seems slow and accurate. It is clear that the category is maintained, but not for, the competition needs it. With the 0-2 he was weak to lock himself in and they beat him.

26-Carlos Alcáras (5): Best at Kid Academy. Many visits to the barbarian title and the competition area taken by Cochleardo. The ball was clean, he gave a good pass to Cristaldo, but he went ahead.

15-Licandro López (3): It was very clear under the curve and poorly defined. He felt hot and upset, so he was kicked out twice. He felt very lonely in the first half, but was able to create a scoring opportunity for Cochleardo to land well.

7-Héctor Fertoli (3): Very low It did not overflow, it felt very soft and lost a lot of balls. PKCC does not require a serious one.

Dozens of career alternatives

Caliente Licha López was expelled.

17-Benjamin Carey (4,5): It is also one of the most sought after. He overflowed on the right, although it was not clear in what refers to the shot of the centers. He contributed something different, but failed.

9-Jonathan Cristaldo (4): He participated a little. Some dirty interventions in aiming and attacking without authorization. It is clear that the strikers are one more victim of an organization that costs too much.

2-Juan José Cozares (4): He was tough on the mark and made no mistakes with the ball. This was enough to make Pilot a clear competitor at this position.

DT: Sebastian Peccasins (3): His career level is worrying, but it took him five minutes to change it, rather than training with an idea for a whole week. According to names and locations. With the changes he looked for a little more pepper, but the academy was not clear. He left Licha López alone upstairs. Race status is a concern and it is no longer about failure by definition.

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