Racing vs Arsenal: What’s up, Academy? –

Losing three games in a row can unleash thousands of conflicts in the locker room. Racing, the team led by Sebastián Beccacece is, at the very least, questioned by fans and journalists. The lack of forcefulness in the opposite goal and the constant defensive errors mean that, a few days before the crossing for the second round of the Copa Libertadores, there are doubts. Lots of doubts.

Another game that starts and Racing enters the field asleep. At 4 minutes, a goal by Lucas Albertengo in a more than well-prepared play by the visiting team, puts Arsenal ahead, which starts leading the game.

Although he played better than the previous games, that improvement did not serve to rise with the victory. After three falls in a row, with all the same flaws, a tense climate is beginning to be noticed a few days before the confrontation against the current champion of the Copa Libertadores, Flamengo, in which Rogério Ceni recently took over.

In the 37th minute of the first half, after a mistake by the youthful Tiago Banega, the visit achieved the second score and therefore the last of the match. An oversight by midfielder Leonel Miranda sentenced the goal, the work of Jhonatan Candia and put the final 0-2.

During the second half, the team again tried to go for the draw or at least to make a goal. With 24 shots on target and 74% of possession, there is something that is not understood about the Avellaneda club. Why do you finish the goal so much but don’t hit it? If he keeps the ball so much, why do all games convert him into isolated plays? What happens so that in the first 10 minutes of each game the team gets the first goal? Where are the errors? The questions are many, the answers are few.

Is it just bad fortune or equipment malfunction? So many shots on goal that are not used indicate that there is a key problem in the team’s operation.

In the first three matches of the Professional Cup, Racing was scored 8 goals and only scored one, in the first match against Atlético Tucumán. The problems in defense are clear and noticeable from a distance. Academic defense went from being a guarantee in the vast majority of matches to being one of the weakest in Argentine football.

What are these problems due to? The central defense of Beccacece’s team lost confidence and it shows in the players. The annoyance after games and during them shows that there are certain things that are not working the way they should.

45 minutes into the second half, almost ending, captain Lisandro Lopez was sent off for accumulating yellows. After fighting with a player from the visiting team and a fairly clear foul, the player ended up in the showers. Angry and somewhat worried, he left the court. ‘Licha’ was expelled only three times in 204 games with the institution.

This opens a certain debate: Will the club’s bad moment have to do with the captain’s reaction? Is the team’s course adrift? There are many questions that have no answer, unfortunately.

There is only one reality. There are only a few days left until the first match of the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores, the tournament targeted by La Academia. If you want to achieve victory and go through the phase, you will have to tighten the screws, change your mentality and keep fighting so that the fears are left behind and the team returns to being the one that won incredible matches such as the classic Independiente with 9 players.

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