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Two decades after the song’s initial release, The White Stripes they released a music video for “Apple Blossom”. De Stijl’s track image is part of the nostalgic launch campaign for the rock band’s greatest hits compilation, The White Stripes Greatest Hits.

Although it technically arrived today, it looks like the new clip could have easily come out around the year 2000. The image stays true to The White Stripes’ black, white and red color palette and continues its affinity for stop-motion animation. Amid a mix of psychedelic tones and mid-20th century shapes, it tells the tender love story found in the song’s lyrics.

At the time of its release, the sweet little pop tune marked an impressive turn from the grimy blues of its 1999 debut, proving that Jack and Meg White were more than just nostalgic lo-fi. Outside of the world of White Stripes fans, the track was given a new life in 2015 when it appeared on the soundtrack of The Hateful Eight by Quentin Tarantino.

The clip shows us the story of a desperate woman who tries to leave a stormy life behind, but even this escape has quite complicated passages for our protagonist.

Through the sequences, we observe that the girl is shipwrecked on a coast where Jack White himself, hidden in a lighthouse, rescues her. It is then that we realize that fate might have planned for them to come together, because the mysterious woman seems to take Jack’s heart to give him color again -literally- and together they embark on a journey to a new life.

Check it out below:

This re-release is part of the band’s Greatest Hits that will be released on December 4 through Third Man Records in conjunction with Columbia. Third Man Vault subscribers will also be able to purchase an exclusive “vault” edition of the album that includes a bonus B-side disc. Below, you can view the recently revealed 26-song track list.

The White Stripes Greatest Hits Tracklist:
01. Let’s Shake Hands
02. The Big Three Killed My Baby
03. Fell In Love With A Girl
04. Hello Operator
05. I’m Slowly Turning Into You
06. The Hardest Button To Button
07. The Nurse
08. Screwdriver
09. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
10. Death Letter
11. We’re Going To Be Friends
12. The Denial Twist
13. I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself
14. Astro
15. Conquest
16. Jolene
17. Hotel Yorba
18. Apple Blossom
19. Blue Orchid
20. Ball And Biscuit
21. I Fought Piranhas
22. I Think I Smell A Rat
23. Icky Thump
24. My Doorbell
25. You’re Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)
26. Seven Nation Army

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