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How about the entire MultiAnime band!

The boys of Garmin they have presented an incredible Smart watch focused on the band Gamer, as it integrates a function that monitors heart rate and stress during the game. Although it can be used by anyone. All the details, below:

Mexico City February 21, 2021 – Garmin® presents Instinct® Sports Edition, a rugged GPS smartwatch exclusively designed for e-sports and general sports enthusiasts to take their gaming performance to the next level. Using proven Garmin health and fitness tracking technologies, Instinct® Sports Edition, uses a unique esports-specific activity feature to monitor heart rate and stress during gameplay, as well as offering long-term trend analysis. The new app for PC STR3AMUP from Garmin ™ will allow you to add readings of heart rate, stress and energy (Body battery) in real time to your screens Streaming video1 during games. And with more than three days of battery life in esports mode, users will be able to make the most of their game time.

“Elite athletes around the world depend on Garmin products to monitor and improve their performance. With Instinct Esports Edition, esports athletes can take advantage of that same technology to track and monitor their body’s response during intense competition, ”said Thurston Hamer, CEO of Garmin in Mexico. “Players can also use Instinct data to make adjustments to their daily lives, either by modifying sleep patterns or activity levels, which can result in increased cognitive and physical performance during the game.”

The Instinct® Sports Edition It is specially designed to hold up to military standards (MIL-STD 810), yet its extremely lightweight design provides a distraction-free gaming experience. Provides up to 80 hours of battery life in esports mode and up to 14 days in smartwatch mode for less charging time and more playtime. Instinct’s bold black and red colors, high-contrast display, and rugged design bring a non-traditional smartwatch to life. When paired with a compatible smartphone, Instinct also provides smart notifications like emails, text messages, and alerts on the user’s wrist so that they can stay connected either during or after the game.

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Esports activity profile

Before a game, users simply select the esports activity in the Instinct. Once activated, Garmin’s proven wrist-based technology2 analyzes and displays the user’s heart rate and stress level, plus time of day and a game timer. As in other sports competitions, constant monitoring of stress and heart rate in real time can provide the opportunity to manage physical and mental resources for a more effective and focused competition. After the game session ends, users can sync their activity with the free app Garmin Connect ™3 to share, view, store, analyze your data and see how your body reacts in different gaming situations.

STR3AMUP! Live broadcast biometrics

When using the esports activity, players can use the new STR3AMUP from Garmin. The PC app that allows you to stream your heart rate, stress level and Body Battery ™ live and display this data during your video streams or recordings using customizable overlays. Visualizing these metrics allows players to interact with their audience and display, in real time, the physical and mental demands of competitive play. STR3AMUP! allows the public to become more involved with their favorite player or team.

Track body metrics

Designed with an emphasis on elite level competition, Instinct® Sports Edition offers a variety of valuable indicators and analysis of body metrics2, so that users can analyze and adjust how their body reacts to competitive play3. These include:

  • Heart rate on the wrist: Get heart rate data along with user alerts if it remains too high or too low while at rest, and measure how hard your heart is working during specific moments of play.
  • Advanced Sleep Monitoring – Users get a complete picture of how they sleep with a breakdown of light, deep and REM sleep stages. This allows users to interpret and make lifestyle modifications for a more focused game.
  • Stress tracking: with heart rate variability Garmin’s Instinct Esports Edition can calculate an individual’s stress level score, giving you the opportunity to optimize stress management to conserve physical and mental resources.
  • Body Battery Power Monitor – Uses heart rate, stress and sleep data to determine how much energy a user has, letting you know when to play and when to rest.
  • Over 30 sports apps and extensive activity tracking – Users can train with preloaded activity profiles outside of the gaming world.
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For athletes who want to further monitor their performance, a chest strap can be purchased separately with heart rate monitor optional.

Instinct Sports Edition, is now available at a special suggested introductory price of $ 6,999 pesos.

You can download graphic materials for the Garmin Instinct Esports Edition at this link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/msal3rj980lgk7y/AACO996pQqt3WB9Eh-K_vDsza?dl=0

Garmin products have revolutionized the lives of adventurers, athletes, and outdoor exploration enthusiasts around the world. Committed to developing products that enhance experiences and enrich life, Garmin believes that every day is an opportunity to innovate and an opportunity to overcome yesterday. For more information visit garmin.com.mx

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1 When paired with a BLUETOOTH® technology enabled computer

2 See Activity tracking and accuracy of fitness metrics

3 When paired with a compatible smartphone


Acerca de Garmin International, Inc. Garmin International Inc. is a subsidiary of Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN). Garmin Ltd. is incorporated in Switzerland and its main subsidiaries are located in the United States, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Garmin and Instinct are registered trademarks. Garmin Connect, Body Battery and STR3AMUP! are trademarks of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries.

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