Rakitic on Sevilla FC, the craziest city and the Champions League

Ivan Rakitic every day is settling more in the scheme of Julen Lopetegui. After a somewhat gray start, the midfielder is a key player in the Sevilla FC and each passing game improves its performance even more.

The Croatian wants to give back to Sevilla everything he gave him, and to a city that drives him ‘crazy’: “It’s really amazing, It is probably the craziest city in Spain for the passion for soccer. People really love soccer. We have Sevilla and Betis, two great rivals, both in the First Division. The two stadiums are separated by just five minutes. The whole city is crazy about football and there is a very special atmosphere “, has commented in an interview for FIFA.

Rakitic tells how he met his family: “It is an amazing story. The first day I arrived in Seville it was late. I had a medical examination the next morning, many things to solve. I was nervous, so I asked my brother to come. to have a drink with me There was a girl working at the bar. As soon as I saw her I knew I wanted to marry her. There was a big European club calling my brother, trying to send a plane to look for me in Seville to sign for them, but I said: ‘I already gave my word to Sevilla, I’m going to sign for this club.’ and I’m going to marry that girl. “‘

“That was easy for me, I was sure that she had to be my wife. But it was very difficult to get him to go out with me, because he rejected me a lot. I had to work really hard, I always try to work hard in the field, but this was much, much more difficult (laughs), but after seven months he finally agreed to go to lunch, “he adds.

His role as leader: “Yes, I see it, but I am also a new kid in the team and I want to take small steps like all the other new players. I have a lot of respect for Jesús Navas. We played together in my first three and a half years at the club, and it was really special to be with him again. Jesus and all the other players know that I am ready to help them, no matter if I am captain or not, yesyou can always come talk to me. Helping them and giving them confidence is very important to me. “

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Rakitic, ambitious with the Champions

Champions goal: “It’s a really important goal for us. I think the team and the club have made really big strides in the last ten or 15 years. It’s quite surprising to see Sevilla have won the Europa League six times. Obviously “We are very proud and happy to have won these titles, but we want to take the next steps in the Champions League. It would be amazing to make it to the quarter-finals and I think this team is really capable of achieving something special in the Champions League.”

Rakitic lowers her to the ground: “But first we have to focus on our next three games in the group, which will be really tough. Being on seven points in three games, we are very happy and very happy with the way we played in those games. But We still have work to do in the group and then hopefully we can make history for the club. “

Rakitic, in training (Photo: Sevilla FC).

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