Ramadan and the Chinese New Year slow down Valencian exports in March and April

The evolution of Valencian exports It has slowed down in April due to factors such as the Ramadan holiday, the Chinese New Year, the increase in maritime freight rates and the shortage of raw materials, as explained by the Valencia Chamber of Commerce.

These factors are preventing a higher rate of export growth since, although the number of certificates issued in March and April of this year exceeds those registered in the same months of 2020, the figures achieved are still below the levels of 2019 (by 11%), according to this institution.

The feast of Ramadan (from April 12 to May 12 this year) reduces the pace of activity in Muslim societies, and six of the first seven countries for which certificates of origin are issued are Muslim-majority (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar , Algeria, Turkey and Egypt) and absorb 40 percent of the total.


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