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E3 is not just about what games are announced, but also how they are announced. Every year, the main actors (with the exception of Sony in this case) stand on their respective stages and do their best to inspire us with the most explosive presentation they can muster, and 2019 was no exception. IGN watched them all with bated breath, and while each of them showed some impressive games that got us excited about the next year and the change of upcoming games and game-related things, we thought all the major conferences were ranked. from the most exciting to the least.

How do you get gamers to swallow the bitter pill of a delay until March 2020 for Animal Crossing: New Horizons? How about announcing that you are working on a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Yes, that will do it. Nintendo's Direct delivered almost all the right notes with its steady stream of announcements, updated looks and release dates.

Have there ever been release dates? There's the switch remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on September 20, Cadence of Hyrule with The Legend of Zelda on June 13 (that's coming soon!), No More Heroes 3 and a remake of Panzer Dragoon in 2020, Daemon X Machina on September 13 and Contra: Rogue Corps on September 24. And let's not forget the totally unexpected Netflix Dark Crystal strategy game called Age of Resistance Tactics, which will be released sometime this year. It goes well with Empire of Sin, an XCOM-style gangster game by John Romero scheduled for release next year. Luigi's Mansion 3 also appeared, but could not yet set a release date.

We've also seen a long list of crowded harbors by The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition in 2019, Resident Evil 5 and 6 in Autumn, Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition on September 27, Spyro the Dragon Trilogy, Announced on September 3, rounding out Ni No Kuni on September 20, as well as The Sinking City, Alien Isolation, and Super Lucky's Tale's chance to live again.

Finally, there was a nice surprise in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate cast when Rares Banjo and Kazooie crossed the first-party platform lines as DLC. We'll also see the Dragon Quest hero take part in this brawl.

Since there was no Sony Sony this year, it was Microsoft's E3 that was losing. But it was neither a sweeping victory nor a failure, just a mid-road performance with a few high points that prevented it from becoming boring in its long run of 90 minutes.

Xbox has definitely backed up a dump truck full of video games and downloaded it to us. He showed 60 different games, the long-awaited new Elite controller, and a look at a new Xbox that will – by all accounts – be faster than the previous Xbox One X. There were too many games to list here, but Microsoft has tracked down its biggest names in Halo Infinite and Gears 5 as well as lent games like showstopping Cyberpunk 2077, Borderlands 3, Dying Light 2, and The Elden Ring, thanks to the fact that there were no other first-party theaters on which major third-party games debuted.

We've seen games from Microsoft's newly acquired studios: The Outer Worlds by Obsidian, Bleeding Edge by Ninja Theory, and Psychonauts 2 by Double Fine – the latter was added to the list of Microsoft Games studios at the show surprise in what is now an extra dose becomes a habit for Microsoft. And we've seen the introduction of Game Pass for PC and the Game Pass Ultimate level, which gives you access to both Xbox and PC games.

There were even a number of new game announcements, including some that were not leaked prematurely during the affectionately called "Leak We3k" event. The return of Microsoft Flight Simulator – the last real part of which landed 13 years ago in 2006 – is something that no one has seen with satellite and Azure services to render our big blue planet. Phantasy Star Online 2, Tales of Arise, Minecraft Dungeons, a surprisingly scary Blair Witch game, a LEGO expansion for Forza Horizon 4 (to solve the problem of not having a new Forza this year) and the new Borderlands 2 DLC all spectators were pleasant surprises. Moments such as Keanu Reeves, who announced his role in Cyberpunk in 2077, were without doubt the culmination of the conference. They made an otherwise useful show one that will create the list of the best E3 moments in the years to come.

The last trailer that showed the revival of a re-starring Master Chief before he ended dramatically and heroically hit the right notes, but the lack of gameplay that showed him what he does best was a bit disappointing.

At this time, it is pretty clear that Jon Bernthal's dog Bam Bam stole the show. Sure, Ubisoft revealed the wildly ambitious Watch Dogs: Legion and her geriatric reckless mascot Helen, and Berthal's own Ghost Recon: Breakpoint by Tom Clancy, but the way Bam Bam sat there all the time like a very good boy Finding out how to work together as a team to tacitly kill people is difficult to overcome. Legion looked great, but Bam Bam is the dog we want to watch.

He certainly was not overshadowed by an alien quarantine expansion for Rainbow Six: Siege, a new spooky, ghostly Shadows of the Hitokiri expansion for For Honor, the colorful, free-to-play scooter championship scooter derby. Adventure Time characters joining Brawlhalla, Just Dance 2020, who comes to Wii for some reason (with compulsory live action, dance on stage) or a free weekend for The Division 2. Okay, the blatant breath of the wildly inspired gods & monsters – it looks like we should both keep our eyes – came terribly close to putting Bam Bam off his lazy throne. And with the uPlay + premium subscription, you can play one of these new games (and many old ones) for $ 15 a month – a terrible deal, if you think of it as a monthly rental.

Ubisoft brought out the news about the game "It's Always Sunny" in Rob McElhenney (Philadelphia) to show his new comedy about a selfish creative director who was honest about an MMO (a play that could have been used for jokes) said), and announced a Tom Clancy's The Division movie project with Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain, which was created in collaboration with Netflix.

While most conferences start with a bang, Bethesda's show has been decidedly reloaded. If you go all the way, you'll be pampered with Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein Youngblood, and interesting Ghostwire announcement trailers: Toyko from The Evil Within and Deathloop, Dishonored's new game, made our nomination list for the best E3 trailers ,

All four looked awesome and made the slow build worthwhile, but to get there, we had to endure some mandatory updates for Fallout 76 (which finally does what everyone promised from the start and added human NPCs to talk to) and a new Battle Royale mode, along with The Elder Scrolls Online, which has already launched its Elswyer expansion, but still gave us a nasty dragon-infused movie trailer. There was also an announcement for The Elder Scrolls Blades on Nintendo Switch, which would have been more exciting if it had been a good game if it had been launched on mobile devices. A restart of ids Commander Keen for mobile platforms, which ended with a caricature bang, and a vague portrayal of Orion, the hidden streaming software under the hood, were more confusing than exciting. And although the heartfelt thanks from Bethesda's staff were nice, it's not really what we're here for.

Although technically it's not a traditional conference but a half-day live stream, EA's show kicked off with 15 minutes of gameplay power from Respawn's eagerly awaited action game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. After that, however, there were no more surprises. Apart from a quick look at Madden 20 and FIFA 20 (all live action footage), the rest of EA's conference was about upgrading existing games: a preview of the contents of Apex Legends' second season (including Wattson, a new legend character ), a series of incoming Battlefield V cards and the seventh expansion of The Sims 4, Island Living. The hymn that EA launched just three months ago was missing, as was Dragon Age: Dread Wolf Rises or whatever it is called. Although not without excitement, this was a fairly typical conference for EA – if anything, it was characterized by a marked lack of announcements from current new games.

Strangely enough, EA then used social media to announce the existence of three new EA Originals games: Lost in Random by Zoink Games (which made Fe), an action RPG called RustHearts by Glowmade (which previously created the mobile game Wonder Worlds), and … Something about "collaborating" at Hazelight Studios (which made A Way Out possible). However, none of them was shown beyond concept art.

The new look of the Final Fantasy VII gameplay has definitely turned the corner, but a disappointing revelation of Marvel's Avengers that showed virtually no gameplay was like a lead balloon and people wondered what kind of game this would be if it comes out on May 15. 2020. The announcement trailer for Outriders, a co-op shooter from People Can Fly, seemed interesting, but again no gameplay was shown. There is also a third game of Tokyo RPG Factory, Oninaki, and a top-down racing game, Circuit Superstars.

Apart from that, there was a small selection: A Final Fantasy VIII remaster, a remake of Romancing Saga 3, a port of the Japanese Vita game Saga: Scarlet Grace and a remaster of The Last Remnant just coming out. The show ended rather abruptly, giving the impression that there was simply not enough material to justify itself.

And while we love the crazy gadgets Devolver catches up with each year – including this quick look behind the scenes – there was certainly some announcements and even the showcase of UploadVR on the PC gaming show now.

What did you think of the conferences? Which one was your favorite? What do you hope for the next year? All these questions and more can be answered in the comments below!