RD’s 10 Most Influential Digital Communicators Announced in 2020

They have acquired skills from their constant work in the media

New York- In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the digital portal Zabala A Day and Al Día TV Más, the popular blogger Jose Zabala, He again makes his selection of the ten most influential digital communicators currently in the Dominican Republic for the year 2020.

Those selected are journalism professionals, communicators who have acquired skills through their constant work in the media and social networks. All have leadership, charisms, controversies and followers. They are also real for modern information.

The restless communicator celebrates a decade (10) years assuming with responsibility and credibility the true concepts of what it is to inform at the height of the community need on its different social media platforms.

“It was a very difficult selection for me. We have very good digital communicators in the country. People who work 24 hours a day with content a day. But we have selected a very prominent group in different areas with are: Politics, entertainment, news, interviews, social, commentators on different topics, radio, television and social networks. Each of them are protagonists of the information and that is why they make it influential as they are ”:

Santiago Matias (Alofoke Radio Show), Zoila de León (Luminarias TV), José Peguero (In Seconds-Las Exclusivas), El Boli (El Mañanero), Amelia Alcántara (Without Filter), Richard Hernández (LenteabiertoTV, Mas VIP), Kelvin Ortiz Faña (El Pregonero), Andrea Ramírez (Find Out Now SDO), Vargavila Riveron (Dímelo TV) and Capricorn (Capricorn TV). I must clarify that we are not recognizing the digital portals of each of them but rather their person for their great work during the year.

José Zabala assured that the future of information lies in digital communication, which plays an important role in the development of peoples, especially in the Dominican Republic, considered one of the Latin American countries with more access to information through telephones. smart. The influential blogger, based in the United States, has highlighted the work that recognized communicators have been doing, and that they deserve such high distinction.

“We are recognizing great and good digital communicators. Sometimes I feel that digital communication is out of control, because right now it is more vital than ever and some irresponsible communicators do not take responsibility for truthful, concrete and fact-based information, not propaganda. There are digital media without a track record or credibility that freely publish unsubstantiated news at will. What could be called: Fake News. I think it is time to regulate that and put control of that issue. Malicious information is very dangerous, “said the communicator based in the Big Apple and considered one of the most influential based in the United States.

More from José Zabala, graduated from UASD in 1992 with a degree in Accounting.

José Zabala became the first digital communicator to arrive at the United States Congress invited by Congressman Adriano Espaillat. Invited to London to the wedding of the year 2018 (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) as a digital communicator. He was part of the trip in the official coverage of the historic visit of President Barack Obama to Cuba and La Mega 97.9 FM correspondent of the coverage. Invited to the White House. Covers canonization of Latino priests at the Vatican, Trip to Cuba with Delta Airline on its first trip to Cuba after 55 years. Participate in the funeral of Fidel Castro. Zabala is a collaborator in the United States of several radio and television programs in the country.

Zabala was the First Dominican Blogger to make a tour of Europe in 4 countries and 10 cities with the purpose of knowledge and content for his followers of his website and making contact with Dominicans who reside in those countries. He also participated in the funerals of Cuban President Fidel Castro.

The popular blogger covered several important events in the Dominican Republic including: Caribbean Series, Soberano Awards 2016, coverage of the end of the electoral campaign, general elections of the country, inauguration, artistic and cultural activities among other activities. He has covered trips to the Dominican Republic to cover tourism, political and cultural work in the country.

With more than 500 articles during the final year, he was considered one of the most influential communicators in digital communication in New York City and constantly participates in public and private events.

José Zabala, has been recognized for his great work by various institutions such as: Telemundo 47 as blogger of the year 2014, Blogger of the year 2015 in Dominican Awards, Cacique of Dominican Day Parade 2015, Proclamation of Senator Adriano Espaillat, Chinese Star Awards, Viva la Patria, El Taxista among other institutions.

Zabala, was considered at the Santo Domingo Colonial Fest, as the most influential Dominican blogger in New York City. His most recent award was given to him by Latin TRENDS magazine in New York City, where he was recognized as the “Top Latino Trendsetter Blogger” for his work in Spanish and several other recognitions.

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