• Imprisoned prisoner

    Michael Sheriston was sentenced to eight months imprisonment for the shocking way he spoke to his 96-year-old father.

    Sheriston, 63, of Melton Road, in Stanton-on-the-Wolds, has received a two-year blocking order to stay away from her elderly father, who has vascular dementia.

    Sheriston pleaded guilty to mistreating an unfit person. He was filmed by a secret camera insulting his father in his home in West Bridgford.

    Judge James Sampson, who sentenced him to the Nottingham Public Court, said that he had shouted, belittled and treated him insensibly and in a "humiliating manner" without an ounce of compassion, empathy and love ".

    "The words you used were disgusting."

  • Research continues for the Polish family

    Dariusz Parczewski and Bozena Parczewska

    A court heard that a Polish family had not been found since it was convicted of modern slavery more than two years ago.

    Bozena Parczewska, her husband Dariusz Parczewski and their son Krystian Parczewski, of Aspley, did not appear before the Crown Court in Nottingham for trial in July 2017 and were tried in their absence.

    A European hunt was launched for the Aspley family who lived in style while forcing a man into slavery.

    The trio fled the country shortly before the trial, where a jury found him guilty of various crimes.

    They said that a Pole was forced to live in a caravan and wash in an unheated garage while enjoying the comfort of a home.

    He was forced to work at Sports Direct, while his salary was ransacked and claims were made on his behalf, but then siphoned.

    It was believed that the family was in Canada. A warrant for arrest remains pending for their arrest.

    The case was registered at the Nottingham Crown Court on Monday, October 7 to take stock of European arrest warrants.

    But Attorney Paul Prior told Judge James Sampson, "There are few precious things to keep you up to date."

    He had left messages to a detective inspector and was informed, but "for the moment, they are not back in the country".

    The case was put on sale March 27 next year.

    At the time of their trial, Dariusz, then aged 48, was found guilty of having a Polish worker forfeit work between February 2013 and March of the following year. He was also found guilty of three acts of fraud.

    Krystian, then 29, was found guilty of two acts of fraud.

    The jury concluded that 47-year-old Bozena, who had mental health problems, had committed acts amounting to forced labor and three counts of fraud.

    Bozena and Dariusz lived at Tiverton Close, while Krystian lived at Harwill Crescent.

  • Robber robbed

    Kosav Mohammadi

    A thief who attacked a merchant in Lenton with a hammer, leaving her wounded horribly, was imprisoned.

    Kosav Mohammadi, 26, of Dexter Street, Derby, pleaded guilty to having injured with intent, assault with intent to steal, to have an object with a blade or tip and to have a offensive weapon.

    Armed with a knife and a hammer, Mohammadi entered the Best One convenience store, located on Derby Road, in Lenton, around 11 pm on May 1st.

    Police said that a member of the public had gone to the store and had seen Mohammadi attack the shopkeeper. He left the store and quickly called the 999 before going back inside.

    He saw that the trader was on the ground and that Mohammadi was standing above her. She caught her attacker while she was trying to protect herself.

    On 8 October, Mohammadi was jailed for nine years at the Crown Court in Nottingham.

  • Romanian deported locked up

    A Romanian father of six was jailed for defying orders to stay out of the UK, where he organized a fraud.

    Telus Dumitru, 45, was arrested in Radford after being sent home after being released from a prison term of more than four years. At the time, £ 70,000 was confiscated.

    Magistrates learned that he had been arrested while he was trying to enter the UK on September 8th.

    Lee Shepherd, prosecutor, told the court: "He uses a number of pseudonyms.

    "Ten days later, he was trying to enter the United Kingdom at the port of Calais, he was refused entry, but he entered another way."

    On Monday, October 7, he was seen by two plainclothes policemen while he was crossing Radford.

    "In interview, he admits that he entered the country via Ireland where he stated that no checks had been made and that he had entered without detection.

    "His previous criminal record was that of a serious fraud, of a conspiracy to commit fraud, for which he was sentenced to 56 months in prison," Shepherd said.

    Dumitru was sentenced to 16 weeks' imprisonment and indicated at his home his way Haslemere Road, Nottingham. He pleaded guilty to entering the UK on October 7, in violation of an eviction order.

  • Jailed drug addict

    An addict has been imprisoned and forbidden to harass his father for him to pay money as a payment to the resellers.

    Magistrates in the city heard Anthony Whalley, 34, also be delivered to shoplifting to deal with heroin and crack bills.

    A 56-week prison sentence was imposed on Whalley of Story Gardens in Hucknall. He admitted three counts of stealing and stalking his father between September 21 and October 3.

    The justices of the peace forbade her to contact her father for two years or to go to Nabbs Lane in Hucknall.

    No compensation has been ordered, but Whalley must pay a government fee of £ 122.

  • A drunk man threw a brick on a woman

    A man was sentenced to pay £ 1,500 to a woman.

    She was trying to calm Jason Law when he attacked her on the street in front of the White Swan in Spondon.

    After being injured in the arm during the attack, the 25-year-old woman, photographed, then picked up a brick and threw it on her, reports DerbyshireLive.

    Derby Crown Court heard the missed missile, but she went to the hospital thinking that she might have broken her wrist.

    Fortunately, she suffered only bruises and Law, of Mill Street, Ilkeston, was sentenced to four months' imprisonment, suspended for one year.

    He pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm.

    And he was sentenced to 20 days of re-education by the probation service, with a three-year blocking order and a curfew confining him to his home every Friday and Saturday between 7pm and 5am for the next 12 weeks.

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