Real Lightsabers at the Live RPG Hotel at Disney World – News

For years we have been watching with excitement how Disney’s Halcyon Hotel space cruiser develops on the visitor to the Star-Wars-Lands Galaxy’s Edge enjoy a kind of live role-play vacation from next year. From official Disneypark blog there is now a May-the-Fourth update that answers the question: What would a liveStar-Wars– RPG without a Jedi Knight’s weapon?

No, this is not just a nice CG effect, but the real lightsaber developed by the research and development department at Walt Disney Imagineering. Guests aboard the space cruiser will be able to experience this sword live next year, and that is only the tip of a gigantic Immersion Hoth iceberg.

The adventure trips, which are no longer just virtual, with two overnight stays each start in the space cruiser terminal of Walt Disney World. There you climb a space capsule with which you can experience the jump through the light wall. Through the hatches of the ship you will experience the approach to the huge Halcyon space cruiser, on which you will spend the next two nights.

As soon as the airlock opens, one enters the galaxy far, far away. On board the ship you meet familiar and new characters, including, as far as you can tell, its charismatic captain, a courageous mechanic and a galactic Twi’lek superstar who casts a spell over an entire hall with the snap of a finger.

One becomes this singer in the dining room of the Crown of Corellia Experience live where you have your breakfast and lunch and where there is a multi-course menu every evening that offers both familiar and extragalactic dishes.

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In the course of your journey you will have the opportunity to practice lightsaber combat, to learn more about the inner workings of the space cruiser and to fly with a transporter to the planet Batuu, where you will be in Galaxy’s Edge can experience more adventures.

You can take a look at a conceptual image of the dining room, the transfer capsule and the terminal here catch.

A final flight plan for the space cruiser is not yet known.


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