Sergio Ramos scored a double penalty for Real Madrid against Leganes on Wednesday night, scoring a goal in Lionel Messi's LaLiga.

The center-back scored Real's third place in a 5-0 win after his first effort was saved from renewed leadership.

Ramos struck the keeper in the second attempt and made sure his name was on the match report for the 16th time in a row, something only Messi has managed to do so far.

Both players scored their first goal in 2004/05, with the Spanish defender doing so this season while still playing for Sevilla. The following season, he moved to the club Santiago Bernabeu and was successful in each of the following 15 years.

Messi debuted with Barcelona's senior national team the same season and scored one goal before becoming a well-established regular and then one of the game's most recognizable players the following year.

Messi celebrates another goal (Reuters)

After breaking for injury at the start of the current season, Messi scored his first league goal in early October and helped Barcelona to a 4-0 win against Sevilla. He has since counted four league strikes in 18/19 in the same number of starts.

His time being the only player to perform in 16 consecutive LaLiga seasons took less than a month, and Ramos is now with him.

With Messi still capable of scoring 30 league goals in a single season with relatively little effort, Ramos is on penalties at Real Madrid – not to mention his persevering skills in the air – and none of the players will leave as fast as they can be stretched and expanded in the upcoming campaigns.