Reality suspended after contagion of covid-19 of four participants and a cheerleader

October 16, 2020 11:52 AM













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A reality show estadounidense was suspended for the contagion of covid-19 from four of his participants and one cheerleader of the show. The television show called ‘Your face is familiar to me’ is a production of the Univision chain, who have not confirmed until when the recording of the program will be stopped.

“So much for Your face is familiar to me and for Univision, the health and safety of our team of workers, including talent, has always been a priority. Univision has made the decision to suspend and pause the production and broadcast of Your face is familiar to me putting first the health of all the companions. We take a break and hope to return very soon to continue enjoying our family Sundays, “the television network wrote in a statement.

The participant most affected by the Chinese virus is the Puerto Rican Melina León, who is hospitalized in Miami. She is joined by the Mexican singer Chantal Other, the Colombian Llane and the mexican actress Sandra Echevarría. Also, the cheerleader Migbelis Castellanos.

On your Instagram account, Others published a message confirming that she is infected with covid-19 and explaining what her current health status. “Unfortunately today I have to share with you that I tested positive for COVID as several of my companions unfortunately, “the Mexican explained.

For its part, another of the participants Puerto Rican Melina León is hospitalized in Miami to combat a viral pneumonia consequence of the symptoms you experience due to covid-19.

The other participants in the show are the artists Gabriel Coronel, Francisca Lachapel, El Dasa and Pablo Montero, so far they have not confirmed to be infected.


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