Reasons to watch ‘Booksmart’, the first film directed by Olivia Wilde, now that it comes to Netflix

In 2019, when we were still going to the movies, Booksmart, the first film of Olivia Wilde (translated in Spain as Super Nerds), widely surprised, putting both the public and the critics in the pocket. This Friday comes to Netflix the story of Amy and Molly, two very studious teenagers who have hardly had any leisure time in their high school years and who, at the gates of their university life, discover that they could have relaxed a little more without giving up their academic goals. They then decide to do something about it. That is why they set out pay in a single night the price of all those who have sacrificed to the light of the flexo. One madness and one excess after another, they will discover things about each other that they did not know despite spending so much time together, and perhaps also the odd one about themselves.

Here we leave you 5 compelling reasons to see it this weekend taking advantage of the fact that it comes to Netflix.

Super nerds (2019)

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# 1 Because you deserve a break

At the start of the award season we are not going to say no to more intellectual proposals such as Malcolm & Marie The Fragments of a woman, and yet this may be the perfect movie to lower the intensity and have a little laugh.

# 2 Because Olivia Wilde doesn’t plan to stop

The actress of Vinyl The House began his career behind the camera with this strong debut, which will be followed by other titles of which we are already beginning to know things. As we have learned, Wilde will enter the large and stellar Marvel family directing the first Spider-Woman movie. Currently the actress and director is working on what will be her second film, Don’t Worry Darling, which will bring together Florence Pugh already Harry Styles as protagonists.

Billie Lourde en ‘Booksmart’. / © Annapurna Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

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Booksmart Billie Lourde

# 3 Because it gives a twist to the mythical high school genre

Movies that happen between high school lockers we have seen a few. Some have even entered the collective imagination by consolidating an entire genre, as is the case of Bad Girls. Booksmart takes advantage of these foundations to give a 180º turn to this film school, betting on a revision more typical of this new decade of the 21st century. The conflict is not dominated by cheerleaders and football team players, nor by emotionally tortured teenagers dressed in black, the concepts of popularity or marginalization are renewed under terms set by generation Z, and it’s this review of the high school jungle that takes up some of the film’s value.

Diana Silvers como Hope en Booksmart

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# 4Because it brings together new faces of cinema to observe closely

Of its protagonists, –Molly, played by Beanie Feldstein (Lady Bird), and Amy, played by Kaitlyn Denver– to their secondary schools – with Diana Silvers, who you have to follow very closely or Billy Lourd (present in the last trilogy of the saga of Star Wars). A whole casting of young talents who will soon take over the industry. Oh, and also Lisa Kudrow (Friends)!

# 5 Because it is a criticism of the myth of meritocracy and the culture of sacrifice and a plea in favor of stopping

At a time when productivity and efficiency are the quantitative parameters that govern our lives, and the culture of effort fuels the promise of a possible meritocracy, Booksmart dares to put on the table that the gravity axes of the system have other ways of action, and that relaxing, stopping, and thinking about yourself is a revolutionary act of self-care.

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