Rebel Wilson looks great with the red dress that Meghan Markle wore – EL PAIS

Rebel Wilson raised the temperature as she dressed in a beautiful red dress, the same model previously worn by the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

The Pitch Perfect actress turned all eyes on herself as she walked the red carpet at this week’s NFL Honors Awards in a red dress that hugged her curves perfectly, showcasing her newly fit body.

Wilson has been open about her weight loss struggle and has determinedly reached her goal. The young actress seems more confident when she posted a couple of awards night snapshots with the caption, “I love myself sickly in this dress!” Female artists in the industry left motivating comments on the images.

Sharon Stone backed up Wilson’s claim with a comment: “As it should be.” Pitch Perfect co-star Alexis Knapp also raved about a “Hello beautiful woman!”

The dress is from the British luxury brand, Safiyaa, as mentioned by the actress’s stylist, Elizabeth Stewart.

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