Recorded crime has continued to increase in Nottinghamshire.

According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), all crimes increased by 11% in Nottinghamshire between January and 2018.

In total, the Notinghamshire police recorded 102,503 crimes, more than 10,000 more crimes than the previous year.

A Nottinghamshire police spokesman said: "Even though we think this is a real increase in crime, we know that some of it is attributed to the fact that we are now recording more crime. incidents as crimes as we get closer to compliance with national crime standards.

"National efforts to reinforce this compliance in the police force inspections coincided with the fact that 37 of the 43 British police forces recorded an increase in crime."

The Chief of the Judicial Police of Nottinghamshire, Inspector General Gerard Milano, said: "The problem of comparing raw statistical statistics with crime is that the strengths differ with respect to their compliance with national standards for crime. Recording of crimes with as.

"There are other complexities to consider when trying to understand the numbers. For example, we have seen an increase in the number of drug offenses, which at least partially reflects the success of some proactive operations in this area.

"We know that the number of recorded crimes is increasing in Nottinghamshire.

"The demand for force means that we must make difficult decisions while always prioritizing those who pose the greatest threat, risk or harm to the public.

"This approach means we can better target our available resources to where they are needed most – the satisfaction rate for offenses such as domestic violence, which is over 92%, and hate crimes, which are 81.5%.

"The force has also launched a pilot project involving rape crime victims, and early indications show that nearly eight out of ten respondents are satisfied with the service provided by the Nottinghamshire Police."

In Nottinghamshire, the number of burglary crimes decreased by 3%.

Knife crime increased more slowly in Nottinghamshire than in the rest of the country – an 11% increase over the national average of 13%.

The latest figures show that sexual offenses have increased by 10% by September 2018.

Superintendent Det Milano, said: "We are seeing an increase in the number of reports of this type of crime, because I think that there has been some under-reporting in the past.

"I think we are seeing a change in society, which means that people are safer to come forward and report these offenses to the police.

"In addition, the number of people reporting historical sexual offenses has increased, which means that many crimes were recorded this year while they happened many years ago."

Other significant crimes that have increased include robbery (25%), violence against the person (16%), traffic offenses (13%), theft (8%), possession of weapons (13% ) and drugs (11%).

Superintendent Det Milano added: "Nottinghamshire is no different from other forces in the country with regard to the increase of these types of crime.

"We know that every crime is important to the victim, but we must first and foremost protect the most vulnerable victims.

"So, when I see very high satisfaction rates in our service regarding victims of domestic violence, sexual offenses and hate crimes, I see this as a good measure of our success."