Red Bull turns the page on what happened in Turkey and thinks about Bahrain

The career of Turkish GP it was strange for Red Bull. Those of the energy drink already had a little disappointment on Saturday, when Lance Stroll I steal their pole. But on Sunday things were even worse, and when they seemed like the big favorites to win (always with permission from Mercedes), they had to form with the sixth place of Max Verstappen and the seventh of Alex Albon.

Now we come to the penultimate appointment of this strange 2020, and Red Bull arrives at Bahrain with a clear objective. To be able to take the victory in one of the three final appointments and end the year with the best possible taste in your mouth. Of course, all in the middle of the election of its second driver for next season.


The race a week ago in Turkey was a real disappointment. Verstappen even aspired to win, but instead had to settle for sixth place finish:

“Although the track conditions were very difficult on Friday, I was satisfied with the balance we found. The car was working fine. We felt like we had a good momentum for the weekend. So it was obviously disappointing for everyone on the team to finish sixth in the race, as it was not where we expected or expected to be. ”

The Dutchman explains all the problems that caused him, and takes comfort in thinking that it is very difficult to have a race again in the conditions that the Istanbul Park:

“We had some problems and we also seemed to eat the rear tires faster than others. It’s not just me. All the team members left Turkey disappointed. But that’s because we all want to win. We always look ahead as you cannot change what happened in the last race. However, I do not expect that we will see these kinds of conditions on the track again, so the last races will probably be easier. ”

Looking ahead to next weekend’s appointment, Max assures that he likes night races, as well as being a well-known track:

“I always enjoy night races because they have a very different feel and I think it’s good to have them at the end of the year as it’s a nice change. For the first race, it is a track that we know very well. But it is always difficult on the tires. It is important that we find a good set-up to solve it. “


His partner Albon also remembers what happened a few days ago. Despite falling one position behind Verstappen, he rates his weekend as good:

“It was a good weekend for me and we tested some things in my car that we think made it more predictable. As a team we were also very strong and considering how well we started the weekend, it is a bit frustrating to come out with so little, but there are many positives from Turkey. ”

The conditions in which the race was held were very complicated. Albon believes that the important thing in these cases is to adapt:

“It was a good mix up with what we normally experience, but it was very complicated and easy to make a mistake. You have to adapt to the situation, explore the limits and experiment with different lines. That’s when the turnaround time comes, but it was a lot of fun. “

Finally, he assures that they are in the right direction and he is looking forward to Bahrain to confirm it:

“Turkey was a strong weekend and I am sure we are heading in the right direction. For my part, things have been improving and I was happy with the car in the simulator, so now I really want to get to Bahrain and see what we have. “

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