Cabinet Minister and Ore Eurosceptic Jacob Rees-Mogg has called on his Brexitists to trust Boris Johnson – but the prime minister's chance to reach a new agreement on parliament has been dealt with in one fell swoop by the DUP.

Downing Street has confirmed that Mr. Johnson will keep the Cabinet informed of the progress of talks in a Sunday afternoon conference call.

In The Sunday Telegraph, Mr. Rees-Mogg calls on Brexit advocates to acknowledge that "inevitably a compromise will be needed" but that "Boris is trustworthy as Leaver".

DUP leader Nigel Dodds speaks to journalists outside Parliament
Nigel Dodds (center) says Northern Ireland must "remain fully part of the UK Customs Union"

But the Westminster leader of the DUP, Nigel Dodds, has made it clear that any resolution that would leave Northern Ireland in the EU Customs Union "can not work".

Asked by the Italian daily La Repubblica if his party could support an agreement under the previous proposal, he said: "We will wait and see."

He added, "There are many things coming from Brussels that have been suggested by Europeans in the last few hours, but one thing is certain: Northern Ireland must remain fully part of the British Customs Union, and Boris Johnson knows very well."

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Mr Johnson's vow to finalize Brexit will be at the heart of the new Legislative Agenda set out in the Queen's speech on Monday.

"The completion of Brexit until 31 October is crucial, and we continue to work on an exit agreement so that we can negotiate a future relationship based on free trade and friendly cooperation with our European friends," the Prime Minister said in a statement ,

"But the people in this country do not just want us to sort out Brexit, they want their NHS to get stronger, their streets safer, their Wi-Fi faster, the air they breathe cleaner, their children's schools better funded – and This optimistic and ambitious speech from the Queen enables us to do all this and more. "

Boris Johnson has hinted at a major concession to save an agreement by refusing to exclude the presence of Northern Ireland in the EU Customs Union.

PM indicates big Brexit concession

Referring to the "intense negotiations" this weekend in Brussels, a source from Downing Street said, "We've always wanted a deal, it's good to see progress, but we'll see if this is a real breakthrough."

They added, "We are far from reaching a final agreement, and the weekend and next week are crucial to ending an agreement on October 31. We remain prepared to leave without an agreement on October 31."

Second Referendum the "only way forward"

Sky News believes that the main element of the UK's recent proposal is a variation on the "new Customs Partnership" first presented by Theresa May.

Northern Ireland would abandon the EU Customs Union with the rest of the United Kingdom but levy tariffs on behalf of the EU, resulting in an effective tariff line in the Irish Sea.

Northern Irish companies could apply for a tariff reduction above the rates set by the United Kingdom if they could prove that the goods were sold in Northern Ireland and not transferred to the EU via the Republic of Ireland.

Michel Barnier says he has & # 39; constructive & # 39; Talks with the United Kingdom

Barnier: "Brexit is like mountaineering"

Responding to the repeated question on Friday whether he could confirm that Northern Ireland was leaving the Customs Union in the context of the agreement he was seeking, Mr Johnson simply replied that he would not accept anything that "damages the ability of the whole of the United Kingdom" in Brexit exploit ".

The Queen's speech is expected to include 22 new draft laws dealing with health care, the fight against serious and violent crime, and science and infrastructure.