Remaining mobile hospitals are already en route from Turkey to Honduras

The Honduran Strategic Investment Commission (Invest-H) announced that the remaining three mobile hospitals, of the 7 acquired, are already on the high seas bound for Puerto Cortés.

“The provider has reported that the mobile isolation hospitals in the cities of La Ceiba, Danlí and Juticalpa are already en route,” they reported in a press release.

They detailed that the transfer is carried out on the “Gala” boat, which will make a last stop to refuel and continue its journey to Puerto Cortés, Honduras.

Likewise, about the hospitals of Santa Rosa de Copán and Choluteca, which arrived in the country last Sunday, Invest-H maintained the authorities that they continue with the process of physical inspection of them.

To date, more than 12 modules corresponding to the Choluteca mobile isolation hospital have already been inspected.

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