Remembering a classic Apple ad: The Intel snail

23 years ago, Apple launched an advertising campaign highlighting the superiority of your Apple Macintosh G3 computer over computers with an Intel chip.

The most interesting thing about this campaign is that showed a snail dragging a Pentium II chip, implying that Intel’s flagship chip was much slower than the Power PC G3 chip in his computer.

In fact, according to Apple, the Power PC G3 chip made by IBM was twice as fast as Intel’s Pentium II according to tests conducted by BYTE magazine.

“Our G3 computers are up to twice as fast as Intel Pentium II-based computers, and we want the world to know it,” said at that time Steve Jobs.

Years later, in 2005, Apple ditched Power PC chips in favor of Intel chips for its Mac computers, but recently the company has turned its back on Intel chips again with the recent launch of its Apple M1 chips.

Currently, it is Intel who tries to convince buyers of the benefits of its own chips compared to Apple’s, although for this it has to choose certain benchmarks.

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