A landlord pub has instructed its bar staff not to be of anybody who is not wearing a Royal British Legion poppy.

Sean Donnelly, who owns the Three Lions pub in Bristol, said anyone who ordered the drink would not be sporting the traditional flower on Remembrance Sunday.

The landlord said he was also offering free membership of the Armed Forces.

Announcing the policy, he said: "Any ex-service men and women please pop into the Three Lions [on] Sunday to collect your free thank you for your service drink. Everyone should be wearing a poppy. "

Staff at the pub confirmed to The Independent they are willing to refuse service to anyone not wearing a poppy.

One worker said: "The majority have already come to a poppy, but anyone has not got a poppy has been more than happy to buy one.

"We've only had one veteran come in so far, but I think it's a lot of them went to the Remembrance Day parade first, so I think we'll get more come through."

Mr Donnelly's decision was welcomed by many social media users, with one saying: "This guy is a top Landlord. I'll raise my glass to him ".

Another demanded "more of the same please", while the Islamophobic columnist Kate Hopkins thanked him, tweeting: "Absolute lad. Thank you. "

But the refusal to serve non-poppy wearers also commented, adding: "Whilst I believe wearing a poppy is a sign of respect and remembrance for those who have fallen I also believe it should be a choice whether or not you want to wear one. Forcing people to wear something will not work. "

Boris Johnson lays wreath at Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday 2019

Another said: "The poppy has become an object of bullying and marketing. That you is not [sic] wearing one does not mean you is not [sic] paying respect. "

The pub in West Street is a patriotic, having changed into a giant flag of the world, when Mr Donnelly said he wanted to reclaim the symbol of the country. .

This year marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the Battle of Kohima in India, the Battle of Arnhem in the Netherlands and the Battle of Monte Cassino in Italy.