A man is in the process of being released from an angry crowd after he is disturbed by a silent tribute with fireworks at a Remembrance Sunday event at the cenotaph in Eccles

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The man was bundled away by him to protect him from the crowd

A man who has disrupted a Remembrance Sunday event with fireworks has been rescued from angry veterans by police.

The fireworks exploded into the sky in silence at 11:00 GMT and listened to the Last Post at the cenotaph in Eccles, Salford.

A man has been posing in a disused pub across the road.

Angry veterans gathered outside shouting, "Get him out!" man in a car.

Traffic cones thrown

Some people have tried to climb up to the window from which they were believed, ignored the fireworks.

A police officer blocked the door while shouting into his radio as he struggled to hold back the crowd.

The man, who appeared to be fatigues, then appeared at the window to remonstrate with the crowd.

Traffic cones were thrown up at him and he retreated back inside.

When you've gotten reinforcements, the man was handcuffed with his head and rushed out of the car to a waiting police car.

A large crowd remains at the scene while a team of police officers guarded the entrance.

A group of people, who appeared to be squatting at the pub, remains inside.