Report 20 deaths from covid-19 amid ‘critical moment’ of pandemic

The increase in COVID-19 cases has county authorities extremely concerned. With all indicators on the rise, 20 deaths were announced on Friday, prior to the official report.

“We are at a critical moment (in the fight against covid-19,” said Judge Clay Jenkins, who insisted that citizens should avoid crowds, wear a mask all the time and maintain social distance. He also recommended avoiding children trick-or-treating on Halloween night and suggested alternative activities.

On Friday, during a press conference, the indicators that motivated the change of the risk code from Orange to Red this week were also mentioned.

“Since the governor (Greg Abbott) announced the occupancy increase (in restaurants and other businesses), there has been a 94% increase in daily cases,” Jenkins said.

“Some elected leaders are starting to do things against what doctors recommend, and a lot of people take it to mean that they can be more relaxed in their (personal) restrictions. That’s a mistake, ”Jenkins said.

Another data that worries the county is a 44% increase in hospital admissions and a 30% increase in beds in intensive care units.

Dolores Díaz, head of nurses at Parkland Hospital and who also participated in the press conference, said that at the moment they have 70 patients with covid-19 in the hospital.

Dr. Philip Huang, county health director, explained in more detail that from August 22 to October 8, cases increased by 94%.

According to Huang, hospital admissions between September 19 and October 15 increased by 135%.

“Please listen to the doctors, the numbers are against us,” Jenkins insisted.

“Avoid barbecues, baby showers and even small gatherings unless they are outdoors.”

What county authorities fear most is that the numbers will increase even more when the cold arrives and they have to go through situations like those that New York experienced at the beginning of the pandemic.

The highest county authority did recommend instead whether to vote, because a series of precautions have been taken and people are wearing face masks to exercise their right.

The site has a map that notifies in real time if a polling place has high occupancy as an extra help to voters.

Correction: This version eliminates the number of cases issued by Dr. Huang, as yesterday, as reported by the county.

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