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Is Squadrons, the Star Wars air combat game we always wanted?

It was at the beginning of the year when it was “leaked” that EA was bringing a new project related to Star Wars under the name of Maverick Project. It wasn’t until June that we learned that this was a 100% based installment on the beloved universe of combat ships from Star Wars.

After Rogue Squadron By 64, we hadn’t had another title focused on air combat from Star Wars. While with Battlefront II They gave us a little taste, that feeling of being on board the Millenium Falcon ufffff … it was just a sample of the potential that could be achieved in the current generation of consoles.

They did it! Those damn bastards did it!

With Star Wars: Squadrons we are before the best flight simulator of Star Wars. Yes … you read correctly, this game is the closest we will have to having the experience of flying in an X-Wing or a TIE Fighter. Motive Studios set out to create a complete experience in which they managed to make us feel like a pilot of the New Republic or a gangster of the Empire.

The title has support for VR devices and it is right in the world of virtual reality where Star Wars: Squadrons shines in all its magnitude. Although it is not necessary to enjoy it since you can perfectly play it in a traditional way.

The game feels like a flight simulator, so you can expect a bit complicated controls … maybe this is one of the aspects that could take more than one that enters Squadrons waiting for simple controls. So get ready for a slow but not impossible learning curve. Once you get used to the throttle on your joystick it’s all downhill.

Cepa Star Wars fans!

What I enjoyed the most about the game was the attention to detail that he put in Motive Studios. It is clear that the team involved in the development of the game is filled with true fans of Star Wars, and love for the franchise is distilled. My favorite part is that the game’s HUD is built into your ship’s dash… 🤯.

In addition to the fact that the interior of your X-Wing is a replica of what we met in the movies, your board has a real function in the game and is not there just to look pretty. Inside it we find a functional radar, power indicators, the status of your ship, the engine and your weapons. As well as displays where we can see the ships that we have marked as targets. The more you look for it, the more details you find.

Star Wars: Squadrons features a tasty campaign that chronologically takes place right after the Battle of Endor in Episode VI – The Return of the Jedi. In the mode single player we are going to have the opportunity to see both sides of the coin, and they will tell us the story from both sides, we will be able to be pilots of the New Republic and the Empire.

I recommend you start with the campaign and then hit the punches in the multiplayer, since the single player gives you all the bases and the “neighborhood” necessary for you to be the pilot cachazapes multiplayer.


As in the campaign, in multiplayer we will meet 4 ship classes, each with a different model depending on the faction to which we belong: Fighter, Bomber, Interceptor and Support.

If the competitive aspect is your thing, you are going to find in multiplayer mode a challenge that lives up to expectations. This mode is played 5v5 in which you will have to find a balance in your team since if everyone goes from idiots to choosing pure Hunting, get ready to be brushed.

The multiplayer is divided into two game modes. The first is “Fray” which is a type of team elimination mode in which every time you are eliminated you can change ships. These encounters are quick and the first team to shoot down 30 fighters wins.

The other way is the “Battle of Fleets” is the heart of the multiplayer of Squadrons. The Battle of fleets They demand a little more of our skills as a pilot, here we will have to annihilate a Star Destroyer that is protected by two smaller ships, which will deploy many fighters. Unlike the skirmishes that are quick games, here the battles are extensive, in which good teamwork and good communication are the key to winning.

One part that adds a lot of flavor to the multiplayer, are all the options we have to personalize our ships, from colors, stickers, keychains and bobbleheads they have an Ewok!. But that’s not all, since we also have skins for our pilot, such as helmets and outfits, but the best of all is that we can also change the race of our pilot. I can finally be a Sullustano fucking mother!

You can enjoy Star Wars: Squadrons with the pure campaign without having to enter the multiplayer, but you should know that in this mode all the title weight that was thought to exploit the competitive side falls.

Finally, it should be mentioned again that to enjoy the game in all its magnitude, you must try it in VR. The game was developed to be enjoyed with these virtual reality devices, providing a complete and immersive experience.

Although Star Wars: Squadrons It can be a niche title, without a doubt it is one of the best reasons to enter the VR world, which finds in this game one of its best exponents.

Star Wars: Squadrons is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and VR devices.

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