To date, over 80 objections have been received for the application, which is seeking permission for 135 homes with additional parking offered for St Helen's Elementary School.

In a planning statement, Agent Bidwells, on behalf of R2 Development, told the Huntingdonshire District Council that the application would also include vehicle access, open public spaces, pedestrian links, parking cars, drainage and other related work.

However, locals rushed plans because of the pressure they felt would impose public services, including schools and the medical office.

Brian Richardson, of Sycamores, said in a letter: "There is little doubt that this evolution, if allowed to do so, would singularly ruin this village as a place of life, all at once. We are a small community with few services available to us and this can only worsen. "

An inhabitant of Wheatley Crescent added, "The size and scope of this development is unjustified in such a small village, there is no need to build as many houses or cause risks for residents and students during construction and because of the traffic.

"The access to the site is in a dangerous position, almost opposite a busy school at peak times, which would lead to additional congestion and a risk to the safety of children."

The app also includes plans for a playground.

If the plans are implemented, a traffic assessment determined that the development would generate respectively 76 and 74 vehicle movements in both directions at rush hour, morning and evening.

However, the Bluntisham Parish Council has expressed concern over the pressure that the new homes would have on the village's primary school.

The council said, "The village infrastructure can not accommodate so many new homes. The local schools are full, the roads outside Huntingdon, St Ives and Earith are blocked in the morning and evening. The hospital in Hinchingbrooke is overloaded, the exit near St Helen's School will cause chaos in the morning and will be a danger to the children. It ruins a traditional Cambridgeshire village with few jobs and many new homes in Cambridge, Northstowe and Alconbury. "

The application will be reviewed by the District Council Development Management Committee.