Residents of Los Ríos alarmed by rains this weekend

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.- Given the forecast of rains for the whole weekend due to the passage of a tropical storm, the people who reside on Puerto Rico de los Ríos street said they are worried and fear that their houses will flood.

They still remember the hundreds of homes that the floodwaters of the glen destroyed as a result of Storm Laura and where 4 people died last August.

“Here we are all in fear, this ravine is a danger for everyone,” said María Luna, a resident of Los Ríos.

They expressed that despite the threat and risks to which they are exposed by the number of cracked houses, collapsed power lines and the vulnerable conditions in which they find themselves, the authorities do not ignore their claims.

“We have a situation and it is that because of the delicacy of the houses at the time it rains, two, three in the morning, we get up for mine”, María Frías, resident of Los Ríos.

On August 23, President Luís Abinader toured the Yuca of the Los Ríos sector, where one of the areas most affected by the passage of tropical storm Laura, where he ordered the repair of homes and transfer of residents.

Residents of the Los Ríos sector assured that in the coming days they will burn rubber bands and other items to demand that the authorities come to their aid.


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