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Information about the COVID-19 vaccine

The Regional Centers have been informed that the COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization and Allocation program (COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization & Allocation) established by the Department of Public Health (Public Health Department) is currently in phase 1A, level 1 and part of level 2.

The second level includes individuals who are providers of IHSS. If you are a provider, you can click the link below and follow the steps to get an appointment for the COVID vaccine.

Please note that the regional center has no direct influence on your access and ability to secure an appointment for the vaccine. You are encouraged to be persistent in your efforts to get an appointment and to keep checking the website mentioned above for additional tiers to be added. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health will continue to make additional appointments in the coming days and weeks.

Stages of Vaccine Distribution in Los Angeles County

Below is information from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health on the current vaccination schedule for healthcare workers:
High and medium risk healthcare workers working in these settings can make an appointment to get vaccinated now:
Intensive care psychiatric hospitals
Federally approved health clinics
Home health organizations and health centers that provide services in the home (home support services staff)
Intermediate care institutions
Infusion / Oncology Centers
Treatment of substance use disorders (SOUTH) in residences and with hospitalization
· Mental health centers in residences and with hospitalization
Emergency clinics
Primary care clinics, rural health centers, and correctional facility clinics
Outpatient treatment of substance use disorders (SOUTH), mental health centers and crisis stabilization units
Medical shelters
· Protected and unprotected environments that provide direct clinical care to the homeless.
High-risk employees are front-line clinical staff providing direct patient care and support staff at risk of exposure to body fluids or aerosols (includes physicians, For example, LVN, MA and employees of environmental services).
· Moderate risk employees are those who have indirect or limited contact with patients in person.
· Low-risk employees WITHOUT routine contact with patients (such as administrative support staff) should not be vaccinated at this time. They will be offered vaccination in later stages (see prioritization and allocation of vaccines).

He Harbor Regional Center is in communication with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health for information on the phases of vaccine distribution and who will be specifically included in each phase, including our customers and service providers. As soon as we receive additional updated information, we will continue to share this information on our website, in an electronic newsletter and on our social networks.

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