Restaurants can charge an additional 10% for covid

The charge is part of a law that went into effect Friday and was approved by the city council last month.

The additional charge is not a tip and may only be imposed when dining inside or outside the establishment – it does not apply to take out orders or home delivery.

The new charge – called ‘Recovery from Covid-19’ – must be clearly displayed on the menu and on the invoice.

Some New Yorkers say the new law will not deter them from dining out.


“No, it wouldn’t stop me from going in. I think restaurants are having a really bad time, so I think it’s only fair that they get a little help,” said a neighbor.

The intent of the charge is to help restaurants support themselves and pay for additional expenses on details such as personal protective equipment.

Still, when the charge was approved by the city council, some restaurant owners said they were hesitant to implement it as they feared some customers would be absent due to the additional charge.

The charge will remain in effect for 90 days after the law allows bars and restaurants to operate at 100% capacity.

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