A retiree says he is shocked and sore after he claims to have been knocked off his bike by a person in a car.

John Freeburn was riding his bike three miles from home when he felt physical contact on his shoulder yesterday at 3:30 pm Saturday, November 9, at Harold Bank in Wisbech.

The 72-year-old flew over the top of his handlebar down a dam and hit his head and chest on a grassy edge.

A passing car driver stopped and hurried to his aid as she waved him with his arms.

Looking back at the road, he saw a vehicle turning slowly around a bend, and the retired engineer thought an inmate of the vehicle had cranked the window and pushed it.

"I've done 14 miles an hour. I have a rearview mirror on my glasses.

"I did not hear any engine noise, so I think they shut off the engine so they can sneak up on me.

He added, "I felt what I held for a hand on my shoulder.

"The police said, did you feel that? [wing] Spiegel and I said no because the vehicle was not close enough.

"It was definitely a nudge. I drove at right angles to the direction of travel of the vehicle. "

John Freeburn rode his bike when he said he had been pushed by a passenger on an oncoming vehicle
John Freeburn rode his bike when he said he had been pushed by a passenger on an oncoming vehicle

Soon, a first responder arrived on the spot to give the family man, who has two children and two grandchildren, control.

An ambulance could not come and so two policemen came and took him to the hospital in King's Lynn.

Scans showed that nothing was broken and he has since returned to his home in Gorefield, but Mr. Freeburn is in considerable pain.

He said, "I have a cut over my left eye. I did not see it, but I'm told it's a pretty nasty cut and pretty big. It had to be glued together.

"I think I hurt my chest – it really hurts. It's all inside, when the chest took the impact.

"Walking hurts. I think it will take a few weeks for me to get back to normal. "

His Bicycle
His Bicycle

He added, "I did not sleep last night because it was so painful, I could not make it comfortable – I think it was the shock."

The incident was reported to the police, and Mr. Freeburn is expecting an officer's visit today, Sunday.

He is, however, interested in raising awareness of what happens, as he feels it was a "deliberate" plan to steal his bike.

"I was absolutely shocked that someone could do that," he said.

"It could have been a woman or a small child.

"To do that, I'm totally blown away.

"I think it was done on purpose and I would not be surprised if they had done it before – I do not know if it was reported.

"It's nice to get it out there."

Cambridgeshire police were asked to comment.