Boris Johnson was heckled by his controversial decision to suspend Parliament during a speech in Rotherham.

The Prime Minister was speaking at a conference of the North Conference after being interrupted by a man who was screaming in the audience.

Mr Johnson said: "I know the potential for transforming local responsible leadership, someone who has the power to settle what matters most to the local population."

A man is thrown out of the room after heckling the Prime Minister

The rowdy Prime Minister expelled from the speech

Interrupting the prime minister, a man shouted, "Like our MPs, Boris?"

"Yes, indeed," replied Mr. Johnson.

The rowdy continued, "Maybe go back to Parliament, yeah?

"Why are not you with them in Parliament to fix the mess you created? Why do not you solve it, Boris?"

Johnson said: "I am very pleased to be able to return to Parliament very soon, but what we want to see in this region are cities and communities that can represent this gentleman and meet his needs."

The man was then evicted from the place by security.

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