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Electronic Arts Y Motive Studios bring us a new game in the saga of Star Wars, this time Squadrons, available both in PC, Playstation and Xbox. Squadrons is a spaceship combat simulator where we can fight like him Empire or the New Republic.

The title can also be played in virtual reality something that is usually done exclusively.


We are located after the events of Return of the Jedi (VI), after the destruction of the second Star of death.

Squadrons is focused in its multiplayer mode, but it has a story mode that serves us as introduction and at the same time a mega tutorial, where they will explain what each ship does and how to navigate inside this great space battle simulator.

In order not to enter the spoiler zone, the game tells the story of both sides of the coin, like the “Resistance” and also like the “Empire.” We will see cinematics, and scenes where our characters (customizable from the beginning) will interact, but it does not allow us to have control of them, there will be moments where we will see our pilot inside the hangar in the first person, but we can only move the view and little else.

I emphasize, the title is not centered on its history, but for the multiplayer battles that we will talk about later, in short, the story is a good complement.


Star Wars: Squadrons is a space battle simulator so the whole game is focused on that, fighting against enemy ships.

Something i have to say is that it is made to be played with command, I tried both peripherals of which the keyboard is much more complex to maneuver and to use all the functions with the keys, instead using a control is all within reach, and aiming is no problem, as the ship will move around the sight. Surely it is much easier to play with a special flight control, but I did not have the opportunity to test it.


The most interesting thing about the title is how immersive it is, in addition to the addition of virtual reality that is not seen in many games. The camera of our pilot is in the first person, so we are constantly looking at the cockpit of the ship, and this is where the setup comes into play.

In the configuration we have two options available to customize «Pilot experience»: Standard, we will receive on the screen help in the interface to have better clarity at which enemies we are aiming and locations of allies and enemies. For a better experience and immersion the other mode is «Instruments only», within this we will use the instruments of the own ship to see these indicators. This setup seems minimal, but allows us to immerse ourselves even more in the universe of SW.

Moving with the ship is already an achievement, if we add the Combat against players can get a bit more complicated. It can be said that the title is “difficult” for the average player, but it can be mastered if we start practicing in the “Training” mode.

The key to its playability is the power distribution of the ship, in moments where we are escaping from a fighter we can put max power on shields, if we’re fighting choose to prioritize the weapons, but if we need more speed move it to the engine. We can also choose to put maximum power on the rear or front shields depending on where they shoot us. It is somewhat difficult but at the same time introduces difficulty when it comes to battle.

The fun of the game is just that, to be able to handle the famous Star Wars ships and take them to the direction we want, maneuver in space to destroy the ships enemies without being defeated is something that the game achieves perfectly, but it falls short in other aspects that we will see below.

Game modes

As for game modes, in addition to the story, has another two for multiplayer:

  • In space combat two squadrons of five pilots will fight, one from the Empire and another from The New Republic in a “deathmatch” to see who destroys the most ships.
  • Fleet Battles is a bit more complex, but fun to play: In this way we will fight for a specific objective, to destroy the enemy flagship and for this we must lower enemy morale to be able to advance little by little, because otherwise it will be the mother ship itself that will end up destroying us. In addition, this mode is the only one that allows you to play against the AI.

These two modes are the only ones available, about six different maps. To my liking, it is little, also the game is focused on multiplayer and if we add to that there will be no updates with more content it seems a bit poor. EA clarified that the game will not receive any type of paid DLC or new game modes, or micro-transactions of any kind, making the one-time purchase game.


The incentive to play online is cosmetics and the customization that we can give to ships.

The main thing we can edit is the components, from the main weapon to the engine, shields, the helmet, etc. allowing you to modify your favorite ship as you want, some of these components give us improvements like more% on the shield, and changes in maximum health values, maneuverability, among others.

The rest are pure cosmetics bearing– Paint, stickers, holograms, figures on the board and pendants, all obtained by playing multiplayer and buying it with Gloria that is the «currency of the game» together with the «CUBES».

Among the aircraft for the Republic / Empire we have:

  • X-WING T-65B – (Caza) – CAZA TIE/LN
  • Y-WING BTL-A4 – (Bomber) – TIE / SA Bomber
  • A-WING RZ-1 – (Interceptor) – Interceptor TIE/IN
  • U-WING CANNON – (Support) – TIE / RP mower

Each of these are the famous “classes” that we can play, being the fighter the ship to destroy enemies, the bomber that serves as a «support», the interceptor It is the fastest and the support one is used to give supply among other things.


The customization of the pilots of both sides is another feature of SW, at the beginning of the whole game we customize both with a limited range of aspects, but later we can customize them even more, changing the appearance of the head, helmet, suits, gestures, victories poses among other things, somehow encouraging Play your multiplayer mode.


Among the challenges we have our daily missions that grant us glory and reboot by day, and operating challenges that last much longer, but they grant a cosmetic to personalize our pilots.

En Squadrons we have enough things to do, but only for those big fans of the universe of Star Wars, since with only two game modes, the multiplayer can become a bit boring for players who are not looking for a space battle simulator.


Title is available both in PC como Xbox One y Playstation 4, and its graphic section is EXCELLENT.

You can see the level of detail of the ships making them unique, not to mention the immersion it achieves. In addition, as much as the details can only be noticed in the ships, the game is super realistic (within the SW universe), it is as if we are watching a movie.

Something we must keep in mind when viewing its graphic section is that the title being in the first person we will always see the cockpit of the ship, and this one does not disappoint. Virtually the entire cabin is part of our “interface” allowing to see the percentage of shield remaining, see the amount of missiles, even configure how the ship’s energy will respond if we want to have maximum power in speed, in shields, in damage, or even intermediate.

One drawback to this is game loading, I recommend using an SSD disk, otherwise, the game it takes about 3 minutes to charge, added to other minutes more to be able play, I found it strange to happen and it seems to me that it is more one lack of optimization and not a problem with my computer.

As for music, I do not disappoint in anything, the composer Gordy Habb, is known to have worked on titles of SW such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, SW Battlefront I and II, and he did a very good job on this title, he’s even nominated for BAFTA for this work.

Another important factor within this simulator are the sounds of ships, for example, when we shoot or if the android is repairing the damaged helmet, it sounds great and everything helps to make it even more immersive.


Star Wars: Squadrons is the latest Electronic Arts title inside the world of Star Wars, and while it is focused on multiplayer we will see a unique story continuing since Episode VI.

The game is available on all consoles (except on Nintendo Switch) and it is even compatible with virtual reality, something that we rarely see. Being a VR game but at the same time compatible to be played without the helmets, the game is in the first person, and this is a plus, since allows a perfect dive.

The downside are the few game modes available for multiplayer, there are only two modes and according to the statements EA has no intention of expanding this section. This is leveled with the great playability provided by the game, although the handling of the ships is complex, for fans of the SW world it is an unmissable title, added to the music and the sound that does not disappoint in anything.

Squadrons is the ultimate space battle simulator since his last game, Battlefront II, but it did not meet my expectations, is it that EA has plans for a SW Battlefront III?

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