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The Oculus Quest 2 is that kind of surprise you don’t expect. You come to them with the idea that VR it does not take off, that everything is already seen, that the initial problems are still there and any other detail or thorn stuck that you have safely stored. And then you open the box and you can’t help but have the feeling of being in front of something new.

Today that home and private unboxing are so present with the arrival of the new generation, I could not help having the feeling of being before another example. Another smaller and more limited path – more in diapers, after all – but one just as exciting.

A feeling that step by step, from taking the glasses out of the box to delving into their virtual reality proposal with something as simple as setting them up, grows stronger and stronger. By the time you want to realize the Oculus Quest 2 they have already evangelized you.

Do you remember that VR It has not yet taken off but you see the track destined for it, you visualize the extent to which there is much to see both at the level of games and entertainment or social platform and, although not 100% solved, you begin to recognize where the quality jumps that are they know both a solution and revolution.

Technical specifications



1920 x 1832 per eye


Snapdragon XR2




90 Hz


WiFi 6
Bluetooth 5.1

USB Type-C


64 / 256 GB


integrated 3D speakers


503 grams


64 GB: 349 euros
256 GB: 449 euros

The other virtual reality

As many complaints as the entrance of Facebook in business – and the need to use a social network account in the Oculus Quest 2 has thrown a good bag of them-, at some point we must admit that it was their huge amounts of money that have brought us here.

Until your arrival the virtual reality It offered two very well-defined aspects: either you opted for the elite and investment or for the affordable and limited. Or mounting a PC to the last one or going to the third-party experience with options such as PlayStation VR.

Not wanting to miss that train, and despite having tested and valued the potential of the first option, I ended up opting for the second. I was not willing to throw everything for everything in a technological advance that, as happened with 3D – another of those revolutions that I celebrated and enjoyed in equal measure – could leave me in the lurch at the first change.


The Oculus Quest 2 They are not made for those who at the time chose to bet everything for everything, but for those who, like me, availed themselves of Sony’s option and now see themselves without games on PS5 and without a clear and transparent strategy on their part. of the Japanese.

Glasses Facebook They are that jump that, again avoiding throwing yourself into the pool without knowing if there will still be water, they assure you a generational leap that offers more than just better graphics. By playing wirelessly, by how darn good it looks, by how accessible it works, and how fascinating its controls and tracking, you inevitably end up feeling like the other virtual reality.

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The best virtual reality games you can play now

In the small pot is the good jam

I did not imagine saying that a VR headset could be beautiful, but it is. Enough small and light To be able to hold it with one hand without fear that it will hit a stump and you will run out of virtual entertainment, it seems crazy that behind its elegant white casing there is so much power.


Half a kilo that houses a Snapdragon XR2 processor designed to offer a resolution of 1920×1832 per eye on its LCD panel capable of displaying images at 90 Hz. It is not a small thing, but even so there is room to enjoy speakers with 3D audio, a microphone that facilitates communication in social applications and, even more importantly, the port USB-C that will allow us to connect the helmet to the computer to get even more performance.

Rubber strips make it easy to put on the helmet and, by means of the upper velcro and the rear sliders, the possibility of adjusting it to the maximum to avoid the entry of light and to nail the exact position.

It’s funny because after a first attempt in which I see that the visor may be too loose, when I move the arms that grip the tapes to the front I end up finding the key point that solves all the problems. No light enters and, in addition, the screens of each eye – lenses that you can also move to three different positions at will, depending on the separation between your eyes – are in the perfect position for everything to look as sharp as possible.


Several days later, the only fault I can put to his design is the bridge for the nose. Not because it is uncomfortable, but because it is not tight enough and causes the mist It ended up sneaking in to fog up the lenses. Nothing that a chip change cannot solve, of course. As simple as assuming that if in Ring Fit Adventure I have to constantly breathe through my nose, here I must do it through my mouth.

Some first steps that taste like science fiction

From the basics of putting on a helmet and adjusting a pair of goggles, it’s time to make the leap to the experience itself, and from there, how you take your hand Oculus Quest 2 it’s a big part of grace. The fact of being able to play wirelessly forces you to have some control of the situation, so after the pertinent update of the device, the first thing you do is know in depth the guardian system.

The idea is that the cameras that surround the helmet are able to control your environment to prevent you from crashing, thus avoiding having additional cameras distributed throughout the room for this purpose and, of course, expanding the limited one much more. mobility of the PlayStation VR.

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From Science fiction It’s about putting on your glasses and seeing through your own cameras, as if you were in a Titanfall robot that has just been turned on. It happened by chance that my wife was walking around at that time with the intention of giving me a scare, so when I answered her with a “¿¿¿But what are you doing? I’m seeing you!”There was the first differentiating leap compared to previous experiences.

Actually the access to cameras it is only part of the menu configuration, not something you can access with pleasure when you are in a game, but it is still very curious.

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At that initial point, you are presented with two actions. The first is to mark how high the ground is, something that the device tries to do autonomously and you can finish adjusting by lowering one of the controls to the ground.

Some controls with which you can have control

It’s your first contact with the controllers, two hypervitaminated Wii nunchuck pads with which, due to weight and ergonomics, it’s a pleasure to play. Two controllers that, unlike what happens with the Move of PlayStation VR, the accuracy and reading of his movements is a real delight. Even when, as in that case, it is time to bend down to the ground.


The second is the next step in that guardian setup. Using the control pointer and the vision provided by the cameras, you must paint on the floor the area in which you can move during the game.

The marked limits will generate a virtual wall that you can see whenever you get too close to the real obstacles in your house, thus avoiding a hit.

If you are looking for a more limited and comfortable experience, for example playing seated, you have the option of doing the same with a fixed position and without a watchdog system.

And if you want to skip the controls because you’re leveraged on the couch, most entertainment options and some games can control yourself with your own hands. It is not ideal, but it is another of those moments of pure witchcraft that is worth living in the first person.

With the basics already configured and the mobile application connected, ideal for reviewing applications and installing new ones remotely, the Oculus Quest 2 they take you to the virtual house from which you can fiddle with the menus.

The Oculus Quest 2 catalog

Entertainment apps with 360º videos, nature and travel documentaries, relaxation apps and, of course, a large catalog of games in which you can find almost all the top-notch titles that have catapulted the world into fame. virtual reality.

There are the classics like Arizona Sunshine, Beat Saber, Moss, and the new ones like Pistol Whip, Population One or The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. Among them, those who enjoy – or have enjoyed – some temporary exclusivity on the platform: from Phantom: Covert Ops to Journey of the Gods and, of course, also the adventures of Star Wars de Vader Immortal y Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge.

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A much more generous and interesting selection than I expected, frankly. Fortunately, a catalog is completed with the possibility of connecting the Oculus Quest 2 to your PC and be able to enjoy your games SteamEither the easy way with a USB-C -3.0 cable would be ideal- or fiddling with two or three paid applications and the investment of time for an afternoon to get connected without cables.

One way or another, the glasses will throw everything you throw at them as long as your PC can handle it. That is, if you want to play Half-Life: Alyx with your Oculus Quest 2, or to any of those VR option games that we have accumulated over the years, the possibility is there.

The option saves a lot the ballot to a catalog that provides more quantity than quality, but the promise of new exclusives that are arriving from time to time, and the injection of confidence that Facebook has provided by acquiring studios such as that of the creators of Beat Saber or reaching agreements with others such as Respawn and its Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, leaves the user much more relaxed.

VidaExtra’s opinion

Due to accessibility, investment, quality / price ratio and medium-term horizon, those who want to enter virtual reality have in the Oculus Quest 2 the ideal candidate. It is not a panacea and it still does not offer the perfect visibility, comfort and catalog, but it is the closest you will get to that desired utopia without leaving a kidney in the process.

Equal to recommendable As a complement to your PC as an isolated platform, the current situation places this type of device as an alternative for entertainment and socialization as valid as watching a movie on TV or meeting friends to play through headphones.

The time has come to give virtual reality a try, but it still doesn't make it easy for us

The tingling that has entered my stomach when walking through streets like those of Tokyo or London in virtual reality, almost a year after catching the last plane, gives a good account of the promising future offered by this technology for bring experiences and people closer.

Despite this, it has yet to explode with a milestone that has been brewing for years and that seems more and more inevitable. If it ends up doing it – and hopefully so – it will be thanks to proposals like this one, which seek to democratize the use of virtual reality and bring it to all pockets with a more than worthy quality. Oculus Quest 2 it’s not the end of the road, but it certainly feels like one of the most important stones that are shaping it.

Oculus Quest 2 - Advanced All-in-One VR Headset, 64GB

Oculus Quest 2 – Advanced All-in-One VR Headset, 64GB

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