The "devastating" disappearance of a future father, who was thought to carry £ 10,000 on the last day he was seen, has created a reward that helps him find him before his baby is born ,

The Metropolitan Police offers a reward of £ 20,000 and demands that "the Wall of Silence" end its disappearance.

Mohammed Shah Subhani, 27, of Hounslow, West London, was reported missing on May 7, just before midnight – about 12 hours after his last visit.

Audi Q3 from Mr. Subhani. Picture: Police hit
Mr. Subhani Audi Q3. Picture: Police hit

Mr. Subhani has not used his bank account or mobile phone since then, and his white Audi Q3 with the LC67 CXS license plate was also not seen.

Detective Inspector Noel McHugh said, "Muhammad, also known as Shah Khan, is incredibly close to his family and only a few months away from becoming a father for the first time, so his absence is devastating."

He added, "We believe there are a number of people who have information that could support the investigation, but they are silent."

Mr. Subhani previously worked as a courier, but the police believe he may have started using cannabis after losing his job.

It is believed that Mr. Subhani had debts. On the day of his disappearance, Mr. Subhani counted on nearly £ 10,000 from two sources.

A tattoo on Mr. Subhani's arm. Picture: Police hit
A tattoo on Mr. Subhani's arm. Picture: Police hit

Mr. McHugh said, "Muhammad should have had at least £ 9,800 if anyone knew it could matter.

"I think Mohammed has been criminal in some way.

"At this time, there is a wall of silence and people know, we need these people to get in touch and tell us what they know."

The £ 20,000 reward is offered both for information on Muhammad's whereabouts and for information on the identification, arrest and prosecution of persons associated with his disappearance.

Mr. McHugh added, "This is an investigation that I hope will mislead me, but I fear that Mohammed has suffered some damage.

"Meeting his family and checking his lifestyle reveals that all his routine activities have stopped, and for me the disappearance of his car is amazing, it could be on fake license plates and well parked.

The last known area where Mr. Subhani was. Picture: Met Police
The last known area where Mr. Subhani was. Picture: Met the police

"Muhammad did not contact his family, which is unknown, they described him as caring for his sick father, and he was delighted that his partner is pregnant."

His sister Quirat Subhani was supposed to marry in eight days, but canceled her wedding because the brother had disappeared.

She said, "My heart hurts to think what might have happened to my kindhearted brother, He is such an amazing, gentle, kindhearted, respectful and loving person, I hope that God will surely bring him back to us, My Father and for the sake of my mother, for the sake of his unborn child.

"However I believe two things, I think someone could keep Shah just to prove a point, or someone could have hurt him and he would have dropped him, if someone killed our Shah, we deserve it knowledge.

"I pray that Shah will come home and someone out there will help us, I ask the public for help, Imagine it's your son or brother, Imagine, your parents are doing what my parents did going through.

"Please just pick up the phone and contact the family or the police."

:: All witnesses or persons with information are requested to call the police at number 101 or contact Twitter @MetCC citation 19MIS017114. Contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at