Rextroy on Using Death Knight Minions to One-Shot Enemy Teams – Now Hotfixed

Edit: Blizzard has announced that the Azerite Trait Last Surprise is now hotfixed!

In the prepatch, Blizzard has buffed Unholy Death Knight mastery to also increase our minion damage. This has a really solid effect on the trait Sorpresa final (which makes Ejército de muertos and magus minions explode upon death). The trait is Shadow damage, but also performed by your pet. This means it will be able to benefit twice from Maestría: Hoja terrorífica. Even with a 50% PvP nerf, two Unholy Death Knights can easily one shot the whole enemy team!

Other than stacking Mastery, we are also taking advantage of Añublo profano giving minion damage increase, as well as Aura necrótica and Aura de descomposición (to increase our damage and reduce the enemies maximum HP)

The most important thing is to time your Apocalipsis with your partner, since you want all the ghouls to spawn instantly. Keeping the enemy close to the detonation shouldn’t be too hard thanks to double Atracción letal!

The Ejército de los malditos talent is really solid, since it gives you a Magus de los muertos that expires at the same time as the rest of your ghouls. Do keep in mind that you want the pet on passive, otherwise the magus starts casting far away from the enemy…

You can also spawn a Magus de los muertos that has a 20 second duration with Abomination (and the Azerite Trait) but we decided to go for more survival thanks to Cúpula de sombra ancestral!


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