Rian Johnson shares the viral video of The Last Jedi Fan

Rian Johnson He has been a true soldier on Twitter for the past three years. Despite the exorbitant amount of hate his 2017 film Star Wars: The last jedi has received from certain circles, Johnson has taken him as a champion, spreading humor and goodwill among his followers, and above all ignoring the trolls that pile up in his responses. But even Johnson needs some support from time to time, and a viral video from a Last Jedi fan recording the movie’s greatness with the Sioux Falls, South Dakota city council, provided the filmmaker with just that.

“The presidential elections are important, but we are all realizing that for real progress to take place it is very important to be engaged and involved at the local level,” Johnson jokingly tweeted, in a video retweet of a City Council meeting from Sioux Falls. . Now, in most other circumstances, Johnson, who talks a lot about politics on Twitter, probably would have sincerely wanted that sentiment. But the video was actually from a Star Wars: The Last Jedi fan, whom we only know as “Kyle,” expressing his support for the movie and ensuring that “it’s on the city’s record that The Last Jedi is the best. Star Wars movie. “

Johnson was probably very flattered, but the most pleasant surprise about this short 8-second video is that one of the council members agreed with Kyle’s statement, quickly responding, “I agree. Thanks, Kyle. “

This is such a nice breath of fresh air amid all the hate that (the really cool) Star Wars: The Last Jedi somehow still gets, three years after it hit theaters. Though Kyle may have inadvertently rebooted the virulent speech once more with this sweet, well-intentioned stunt. Sioux Falls city council may want to prepare for some angry emails.

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