Rías Baixas faces a promising 2021 after exporting eleven million bottles in 2020

In other words, were distributed in the United States, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and other countries (until completing seventy destinations) more than eight million liters of albariño.

The best of all is that, after 2020, this year offers hopeful expectations, because the elimination of US tariffs, still provisional, “makes us predict a good future for exports,” they confess in Rías Baixas.

An optimism that seems justified, since In the first two months of this year there was a 16% increase in wine volume verified by the Control and Certification Body of the Regulatory Council.

Last year’s exports, at 5.44 euros per liter

While waiting to see how this annuity evolves, you have to keep the data from the previous one. Thus, it can be said, with regard to exports, that There were 107 wineries in charge of shipping Rías Baixas wine far from the Pyrenean borders. Exactly, 10,809,225 bottles (8,106,919.16 liters). ANDThat is, the equivalent of 33.33% of the total sales of the past year in Rías Baixas, which thanks to this generated a turnover of 44 million euros.

The Regulatory Council congratulates themselves on this, because Despite the difficulties generated by COVID-19, tariffs in the United States and Brexit, exports experienced a slight increase in volume (0.90%) and an equally small drop in revenue (0.79%), reaching an average price per liter of 5.44 euros.

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That is why Rías Baixas prefers to see the glass half full and emphasize that “the evolution of the main markets is positive”, expressly citing the United States, which remains the leading importer of Albariño and that in 2020 remained 27.37% of the total exported.

The ranking of exports. Low rivers

In front of United Kingdom, with a percentage of 26.25%, and Puerto Rico, as a third importing country, which grew more than 30% in volume and value, according to the Regulatory Council. It is equally or more significant, in his opinion, that countries such as Ireland and Canada continue to “gain market share”, with growth of 15% and 40%, respectively. Without underestimating destinations such as Holland, Sweden and Russia. Another very different thing is what happened with destinations such as Germany and Mexico, where “the health crisis took its toll.”

“Years of work combining origin, quality and differentiation”

In summary, that the export of Rías Baixas wines continues on the right track, despite all the difficulties, “Thanks to the continued commitment of the wineries, which invest economic and human resources, and the support of this Regulatory Council ”, they stand out in the DO.

They thus allude to “years of work combining origin, quality and differentiation that has made it possible for Rías Baixas wines to gain a presence in international markets even in a year as complicated as 2020”.

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A vintage, it should be remembered, that allowed to sell 24,322,129 liters of product, which represented a decrease of 12.25% compared to the previous year derived from the lower production in the vineyards compared to 2019.


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